Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incarnit ROCKS!

Sweden's INCARNIT, a band I posted about a while ago, have a new demo out and the songs keep getting better and better.

Incarnit does not produce "quick-fix" thrash, rather their songs are pieces of art that one must soak in and absorb. Not to say that the tunes do not rock, because although Incarnit don't prescribe to the 2-minute thrash stomp (and I love those kinds of songs, too), these guys know how to write and ride through on a killer riff with the best of 'em.

I still have a couple minor quibbles which mirror my previously made criticisms regarding Incarnit's earlier songs, but given the quality and promise of the new tunes, such faults are easily cast aside.

Songs such as the scorcher titled Fuck'em and the seven minute opus The Bleeding are my new favorites.

In fact, it was the sheer kick-ass nature of The Bleeding that had me sit down and write this post, because all metal fans need to hear this mid-tempo crusher. The intro creeps up like a Beatles-esque horrorshow, leading into a tight galloping riff that would make Mr. Hetfield jealous.

Incarnit plans to have the demo for sale soon. Meanwhile, you can listen to all their songs on their offical YouTube channel.

Check out The Bleeding below and then find Incarnit's Facebook page here.

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