Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VIOLENTOR absolutely freaking ROCKS!

I was going to save this write-up about Italy's VIOLENTOR for the Weekend Breakdown post, but I simply couldn't wait.

Gravelly and pissed, Violentor has their foot planted firmly on the rock 'n' thrash pedal, storming out like an avalanche of rabid badgers. Their music is a demolition derby of metal, punk and thrash that would make the most hardened Motorhead fan cry for joy.

Violentor's diesel-spitting vocals match the rolling guitar riffs and pounding drums, injecting the songs with an intensity that will rip your head off. Raw, fast, and harsh.

Listen below, like 'em on Facebook and if you really like Violentor, their self-titled album is available here from EBM Records.

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