Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Hell's Domain, Komatoz, Monolith, Arah Kiri

In their bio, HELL'S DOMAIN began back in 2007 when "two old buddies met after work to drink beers and to talk about the eighties." I'm assuming that the two buddies were not talking about Pac-Man Fever and John Hughes films, and judging by how bad-ass Hell's Domain's music is, I bet that the two friends were killer musicians as well.

All kidding aside, this Denmark thrash band creates some killer tunes with catchy thrash riffing.

Listen below and then find out more about them here.

Let's all head over to St. Petersburg and check out the madness of KOMATOZ! Blending thrash and death with a mixture of crushing and unusual riffs, this band rages like a city-destroying juggernaut. I love it!

If your speakers can handle it, listen to the two tracks below and then go to the Facebook page and download them for FREE!

Although MONOLITH are a recent discovery for me, this Winchester VA band have been cranking out heavy music since 1994. The three available streaming songs off their latest album "Four" incorporates traditional metal, groove, and death into their thrash metal. The quality of musicianship is top-notch, so if you like a little diversity in your metal, you might find yourself to be a MonoFan. Which would be a fan of Monolith, see?

Interested parties should listen below and then Facebook 'em here.

WOW, what an eclectic smorgasbord of sounds, even within songs less than two minutes in length. Malaysia's ARAH KIRI mixes, punk, grind, and thrash into compact pieces of musical genius. I sat here stunned at how these guys manage to throw in a bit of 70's soul when the tiny bit of clean vocals hit. However, none of these sounds are out of place in the music. ARAH KIRI are what I imagine Mike Patton would do had he started a "traditional" thrash group.

Listen and then go start a Reverbnation account to keep track of them here.

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  1. MONOLITH fuq'n rules!!!!!!!!!!!


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