Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Ecopolis, Furia, Scythe, Collapse

Brutal and bad-ass, the San Jose, CA band ECOPOLIS harkens back to speedy bay area thrash mixed with a healthy dose of early 90's Florida death metal. Ecopolis has mastered the circle-pit verse and mid-tempo chorus slam. MAN, I love this stuff. Tight riffs and a brutal vocal bark rhythm that meshes with the music perfectly. Metal fans will not be disappointed!

Listen below and then Facebook Ecopolis here.

Ecuador's FURIA cranks out some pissed off deathrash with a touch of non-wankery tech added. As another band reaching into the late 80s/early 90s death and thrash metal inspirational pool, we are treated to haunting intros, neck-snapping tempos and intricate solos. Simply put, Furia plays killer thrash with a lot of atmosphere, giving each song a nice pinch of character.

Listen to their tune and then find out more here.

LA's thrashers SCYTHE plays undiluted ball-out thrash freaking metal. Solid riffs and the use of dynamics in both the guitar work and tempo changes keep Scythe's music interesting and skull-crushing! If you want a more detailed overview, go check out Lister Fiend's recent review over at the Skull Fracturing Metal Blog.

Then come back here, give a listen, and then Like 'em on Facebook.

Italy's COLLAPSE are just freaking killer. Their thrash is a crushing blend of crossover with Kill 'Em All riffage and Motorhead speed. If you're looking for some down and dirty thrash metal, then Collapse is the real deal.

Listen for yourself and then head over to their Bandcamp page where you can download their four song demo for FREE!

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