Monday, July 11, 2011

Ditch the "Like Before Listen"

Many bands who post songs on various social networking sites have given web-wondering music fans a choice: If you click the button to "Like" our page (or become a "Fan" of the band page), then you may listen to our streaming songs.

The Like Before Listen option. Not a good idea.

It's not a good idea because with those who you are trying to network...well, they will skip your band. You see, for guys like me who have limited time while researching scores of bands on the web, I will generally skip a band who is adding an extra step in the streaming-song-listening-process and simply move on to the next group.

That sounds a bit petty, but consider that I will go through band after band after band who are all making their tunes available for streaming. A few I will like and most I will not. Out of the few I like, a handful will earn me clicking the "Like" or "Fan" button. After that, I try to offer up space on my blog for those bands that caught my ear.

I do not want to hit the "Like" or "Fan" button to hear a song I most likely will not enjoy just so that I have to go back and "UNlike" the band. It is a waste of time for me personally as a music blogger. Again, it might sound petty, but if I had to do that 20 or 30 times every time I am online researching, I would probably stop all together.

I completely understand why a band will want people to Like or Fan their pages. The more the merrier, and what band DOESN'T want big numbers of Fans?

However, requesting that someone "Like" a band before hearing the music is like getting paid before doing the work.

Imagine if I wrote a blog post but wouldn't let anyone read it unless they click "Follow" on Google or "Like" on my Facebook page. That would be silly, right? It would also suck since I would have a total number of zero readers if I implemented a Like Before Reading option.

So please forget the "Like Before Listen" option. Not only will it strengthen your chances of getting listened to by music bloggers, but also potential fans (some who absolutely despise Like Before Listen). Believe me that if a music fan finds your band interesting enough to give your songs a shot, he or she will most likely follow you if the music kicks ass.

And your music DOES kick ass, right?

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