Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eradikator ROCKS!

Freakin' ERADIKATOR! Jamming out to this Birmingham thrash band is so much f*cking FUN that I am pissed I just recently discovered them. These guys know how to get the listener's head moving with a barrage of tightly executed riffs wrapped around some solid thrash metal song writing.

The catchy hooks and all-out energy Eradikator expels in their music brings to mind the clockwork hammering of Overkill's last two albums. Tracks such as Skeletal Steel and Overthrow display a ruthless aggression and tight-as-hell delivery that propels the killer drumming and rhythm playing to the foreground.

Eradikator's Odysseus is an instrumental that is absolutely stunning in its dynamics of blues-based emotion and hard-as-nails metal attack. It's epic. This track alone has more substance and backbone than most bands can garner in their entire careers. I've listened to Odysseus multiple times and I am continuously blown away by the mountainous array of feelings this song stirs in me. Truly, truly fantastic.

The bottom line is that Eradikator is a thrash band that should be turning the heads of thrash fans everywhere, and here's hoping that they go on to bigger and better places without changing a damn thing about what they do and who they are. Just…bad ass.

Listen and devour the available streaming songs below and then hit them up here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Exclusive LICH KING song premiere: "Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb)"

The New Wave of Thrash Metal Blog is proud to present "Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb)", an all-new track from the mighty LICH KING! This tune comes from the brand-spankin' new album titled Born of the Bomb, to be released tomorrow (Friday, September 28th).

To help forge the new track into the stellar piece of bad-assery that it is, Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb) also features Jay Visser and Patrick Lind of the legendary MORBID SAINT!

Just so you know, Lich King is debuting other tracks from the album on the following blogs:

Global Thrash Assault (streaming the track Axe Cop)

Leave the Hall (streaming Agents of Steel)

Nefarious Realm (streaming Agnosticism)

So make sure you head their way after you get a blistering taste of pure metal right here. After you check out the tunes, go tell Lich King how much you dig 'em on their Facebook page and then order Born of the Bomb here!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

THRASHLINE! Thrash news and music featuring Dr. Living Dead, Global Thrash Assault, Nuclear Devastation, and MORE!

Hey, let's talk METAL in an all-new info-laced THRASHLINE post!

So we have less than a week before LICH KING drops their new album Born of the Bomb. Speaking as a fan of the King's previous albums, the new stuff they previewed has surpassed my expectations. If you've heard the tunes Combat Mosh or the already-classic-in-my-book We Came to Conquer, then you know what I'm yapping' about. Catchy, riff-tastic old-school thrash METAL! I'm really excited to hear the rest of this album.

Pre-order this beast here. Tell Lich King I said, "Hi!"

My brother-in-blog over at the GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT is in the final stages of unleashing their first thrash compilation album titled Wreck Your Neck! The complete track listing has not been released as of this writing, but so far the project looks more than promising.

Tom Martin, of the aforementioned band Lich King provided the killer cover art.

As a side note, the love and dedication Global Thrash Assault puts into our favorite genre of metal is outstanding. Admittedly I am a little envious of the amount of posts the blog cranks out on a regular basis, and now a freakin' compilation album to help spread to word! Love it!

Keep your eye on them here and here for future details on the album (as well as an onslaught of comments and reviews on your favorite bands).

Sooooo have we all been keeping tabs on the mighty DR. LIVING DEAD and their upcoming album Radioactive Intervention? It's no secret that I'm a slobbering fan of their debut album and can hardly believe that a new one is on the horizon.

The album is supposed to drop sometime in November, so I would expect to hear a sample of the new stuff SOON, PLEASE…just to satisfy my insatiable thirst for all things Dr. Living Dead. At least we have the new album art. Nice! Other details on the new album can be found here.

If you've been living under a rock, check out their Thrashing the Law EP below and then buy their self-titled debut album!

From what I understand, Greece's thrash titans BIO-CANCER are still on the lookout for a new guitarist. Man, I am rooting for these guys to find the right person for the job because this HAS to be done right. Why? Because I absolutely LOVE their debut album Ear Piercing Thrash. The riffage on that album has a very specific sound that gives Bio-Cancer a unique voice in thrash metal.

I know the guys in the band are serious about their music and won't just hand the guitar duties to some riffless wonder, but the guy who steps in had better understand what makes Bio-Cancer kick so much ass.

Meanwhile, I'll try not to worry about it (too much) and just put my trust into the Bio-Cancer camp.

California's ATTACKHEAD will be playing the freakin' HELL and HEAVEN METAL FESTIVAL in good ol' Guadalajara, Mexico! But instead of me wasting my precious lifeblood writing all about it, why don't I just copy and past the press release?

"Southern California thrash metal band Attackhead has announced plans to perform at Hell and Heaven Metal Fest in Guadalajara Mexico on Oct 27th. 

Hell and Heaven Metal Festival is currently the only open air metal festival in Mexico. The Festival is dedicated to metal, but tries to balance genders like: Heavy, Glam, Metalcore, Thrash, Speed, Death, Black and Industrial metal. The festival had its first edition in October 2010 with three stages and 40 bands. In 2011, the promoters exceeded an 20,000 audience and have confirmed 57 international performing artists. This year’s line up will include Attackhead as well as headliners Anthrax and Heathen.

Additionally, Attackhead will be available in Guadalajara Mexico for a Meet and Greet on Friday afternoon sponsored by Metal Mexico.

Singer and lead guitarist Mark Chapman said “This will be our first time in Mexico and we are very excited to get down there and perform for our fans”.   Attackhead is promoting their latest release “Voices in the Dark – Second Attack” which was remixed/mastered and released in August 2011. The album was also released on classic vinyl in February 2012."

Well, that's awesome, right? For more details check out Attackhead here and H&H Fest here.

Hey! Listen to some Attackhead songs!

Yeah! Luuk H. reminded me that NUCLEAR DEVASTATION have a couple new songs available for your listening pleasure! If you don't know about these guys, here is where I gushed about 'em on this very blog. The new tunes, MetalPunkDeathSquad and Stench of Death are from Nuclear Devastation's split 7" with PRIMAL ORDER, and both are raw and sick as hell.

Check out the songs below (together in one vid), and then check out the band here.

I don't know what they scream about and I can't read anything on their Facebook page, but Indonesia's FRAGOR kicks all kinds of ass. Plus, their two available songs are posted for FREE download! Check them out here and grab their tunes.

Those sick bastards VIOLENTOR are getting closer to the November release of their new album titled Rot. As a big fan who has Violentor's debut consistently in my album-listening rotation, I have high hopes for the new one (which I assume will also be released via EBM Records).

The band has graciously released a few song previews for us all to enjoy. Check them out below and keep up with the band here.

Tennessee's own PARALYZER are on the search for a new drummer. They have been looking for quite a while, and apparently nothing has gelled, so how about any of you thrash drummers out there looking for a gig? Local to the area? Willing to relocate? Living in Antarctica? Whatever! Check out their stuff below and hit them up here.

I know I pimped out the new Sewercide track off the upcoming 7" split they are doing with RANDOMORDER. So let's flip the album over and listen to Randomorder's tune Resurrection! Great band, great song!

Monday, September 17, 2012

I went to see Accept and Kreator and all I got was a kick-ass metal show!

The Teutonic Terror Attack concert with ACCEPT and KREATOR. Man, I was so close to not going to this concert.

The answer as to "WHY?!?" is rather stupid, considering I have never seen either Accept or Kreator live in concert, and living in Kansas, I figure there might not be too many other opportunities to see these bands…especially at the same show.

So, the reason I almost decided to forgo a night of pure metal insanity stems from the fact that I hate going to concerts alone.


But dammit, this IS the Teutonic Terror Attack concert, so I had to man up and not allow the fact that all my former concert-going sidekicks either moved away or no longer go to concerts deter ME from having a good time. Man, getting old might suck, but I ain't gonna let it TOTALLY suck, you know?

The place had a healthy crowd, and by the time Accept hit the stage, the audience was ready to freakin' ROCK. Accept did not disappoint, crushing us with Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Stalingrad, Bucket Full of Hate, and Up to the Limit, among many others.

These guys were have FUN, and I love watching a band enjoy themselves on stage. Accept kicked my ass hard, and I was rocking out even though I knew I had to save some energy for Kreator (I told you getting old sucks).

So then it happens.

Accept finishes and then at least a quarter of the audience clears out of the club and goes the f*ck home. Argh! Now I know that some of the old-school Accept listeners come from a different world than the underground extreme thrash scene, but come ON. I just hated to see the crowd thin out like that before Kreator, a legendary metal band in their own right, hits the stage.

Mille and company probably took a peek at the crowd while Accept was on and thought, "Ah, zis is goot!" Then they hit the stage and said, "Was fällt dir denn eigentlich ein? Vat happen to all ze peoplez?" (I write a German accent just as well as I speak actual German).

However, the thinned audience didn't thin the skin of the Kreator crew. Also, I must boast, that the thinning crowd didn't bother me once Kreator started considering I was right up front, nearly 20 feet from Mr. Petrozza!

A photo I took with my really, really crappy phone.
When they hit the stage, they went all-out. Pure, blistering, sweaty, loud as hell METAL! Ninety percent of the show you get a nice silhouette of the band members as Kreator seem to really like the combination of fog and backlights. Mille displays pure bad-assery when he does his "metal dramatic" scream-betweens - "The Kreator has RETURRRRRNED!"

Freakin' awesome. Period.

They hammered the audience with an arsenal of old and new favorites including Phantom Antichrist, Phobia, Hordes of Chaos, People of the Lie, Violent Revolution, and Pleasure to Kill.

By the end of the show, I was freakin' HYPED that I can finally check Kreator (and Accept!) off my "need-to-see" list. I was also hyped that I didn't wuss out and actually went to the show. I'd be kicking myself now if I didn't.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New thrash videos from Exarsis and JackDevil!

Here are a couple new thrash videos for all you freaks who require a little eye candy to go with your metal!

First we have Toxic Terror from the Greek thrashmasters EXARSIS! This tune comes out with all guns blazing, kicking out a full-throttle thrash assault that should bring pleasurable pain to the ears of thrash fans everywhere.

Alex's vocals might be an acquired taste, but I think he is freakin' awesome as he simple KILLS it here. Look for Toxic Terror to be included on Exarsis's upcoming album The Brutal State!

Check out the vid and hit the band up here.

Next we have the riff-hammering thrash of Brazil's own JackDevil. Their song Under the Metal Command is a speedy mass of blazing guitar hooks and headbanging bliss! JackDevil has a knack for writing some catchy and brutal thrash metal.

Watch and thrash out to the video below and then keep up with them here and here.

Lenny Troo Frasher: Put it this way

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weekend Breakdown with Serpent Crown, Aggravator, and Meathook!

I haven't had a new Weekend Breakdown post in a while, so let's kick one out early this time.

Also, let me add that if you have some time, make sure to comb through the rest of this blog and check out the ton of bands I have featured over the last couple of years. Sure you might not like all of 'em, but I guarantee there will be a couple gems in there that are destined to grab you by the throat. That's why you're here, right?

Right! Let's get on with it!

Eeriness abound, we have the three piece thrash-influenced metal outfit called SERPENT CROWN. This San Francisco based band boasts a terrifying sound built from the driving riffs and otherworldly screams from guitarist/vocalist Dara Santhai. Current Death Angel drummer Will Carroll keeps the mass of fuzzed-out thrash rock on track.

Serpent Crown may not be traditional thrash metal, but they definitely have the thrash DNA weaved into their music, which also blends in small amounts of hardcore over the outpouring of heavy, atmospheric rock. Completely bad-ass.

Dara's vocals are both harsh and spectral at once, injecting a haunting characteristic into the music that carries her voice like a magic carpet that is destined for the abyss.

Heavy, fast, and at times, unearthly, one must check out more than one song to get a grasp of what they are offering.

Listen to their tunes below and then hit them up here.

Now let's head on over to San Antonio, Texas to check out the brutality of old-school thrashers AGGRAVATOR! Influenced by Kreator, Venom, and Slayer (aren't we all?) these guys hammer out blistering thrash with traces of death metal.

The songs are well thought out with bursts of speed and pure headbanging fury. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Derek Jones is freakin' killer, spewing forth a sound like a thrashier Schuldiner/John Tardy mix.

Jesse Lopez's guitar solos are well-placed, sounding clean, killer, and purposeful to the music.

Well done! I'd love to see these guys live.

For now, however, I have to jam out to their tunes below and you should, too! Afterward, go tell 'em hi on Facebook.

Let's get into some Canadian crossover with the thrashin' styling of MEATHOOK!

With their album Hymns of the Divine Drunks, we are treated to unabashed party/beer/pizza thrash that has no problem kicking the asses of fans that dig this spectrum of the thrash machine.

The music is fast and loose, with some kicking metal and punk riffage throughout. Beyond what one would expect from Meathook's brand of thrash, there are definitely bursts of sick genius to be found, such as in the songs Scumbum and Fat Kid on the Toilet.

Check out their tunes below, have some drunk, thrashing fun, and then visit Meathook here.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ultra-Violence ROCKS!

YEAAHHHH!!!! Here I painfully sit with a size 18 footprint planted on my ass from Italian-made boots worn by the unruly thrash band ULTRA-VIOLENCE.

These Italian metal men have forged heaping masses of bludgeoning aggressive music that is skillfully played and surprising in its dynamics.

The crushing riffage and manic rhythms bring to mind a cross between Havok and Warbringer, while injecting original moments of atmosphere and unpredictability between the thrashing insanity.

The song Frustration of Soul demonstrates these moments with highlights from bassist "Robba" Dimasi that fades into what normally would be a typical breakdown, but instead turns into a headbanging shout-along.

All members of Ultra-Violence shine in their music. Vocalist Loris Castiglia has a lethal delivery and Andrea Vacchiotti's solo work is as clean as it is furious. Drummer Simone Verre is simply amazing, working as the fuel to propel this engine of pounding madness.

Check out the tunes below and then go tell 'em "hi" on Facebook or Reverbnation.

Monday, September 3, 2012

New song from VIOLENTOR!

Here is the beginning of something great. Italy's gutter thrash giants VIOLENTOR have released a rough mix of Better Dead Than Slave, a new song off their upcoming album Rot.

The song is like getting hit with a club wrapped in barbed wire, and it's a pounding that fans of this type of metal will gladly accept.

If you dig their first album, check this stuff out! If you're new to Violentor, listen to Better Dead Than Slave and then hit up a couple of the videos provided below.


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