Thursday, June 9, 2011

More thrash! Kemakil, Smash Potater, and Incarnit

Kemakil's origins extend back to 1988, playing some decently high-profile local gigs around the Ipswich and Suffolk areas until they split in 1990. Although they reformed in 2007, their hearts still remain with the old-school.

As far as influences go, Kemakil has one foot in the Bay Area and the other dipping a toe in Germany, all used as a blueprint in constructing killer songs of no-frills thrash metal.

Listen to the excellence of Blood Removal Machines and then check out Kemakil here.

Ah, I can hear the "serious" thrash fans out there scoffing. Well, screw it, 'cause we're talking about the legends of Aurora, IL here - SMASH POTATER - and I believe that these guys will eventually reach cult status outside of their local thrash circles. Or go platinum with their debut...what the hell do I know?

Bad ass and fun, the 'Taters roll out an array of catchy riffs and witty lyrics. A song about Zombie Bees? Classic. But just because Smash Potater can have a bit of fun with their topics doesn't limit them to be a simple novelty band. They create some stomp-worthy thrash to be used as kindling to kick off a roaring circle pit.

Check out Livin' to Thrash, Thrashin' to Live and click here for more on Smash Potater!

Based on a couple songs I heard on Reverbnation, I thought Sweden's Incarnit were trying to forefront the melancholy thrash movement. That is not a dig because the songs, one with a slow churning tempo (The Starets) and the other written with sweeping emotion (Demons), caught my attention.

Admittedly, I didn't get into these songs as much. The Starets begins well enough, but begins to stretch out in tedious lengths. Demons is actually a killer song. The riffs rock and the solos are gorgeous, but the parts that are supposed to build and show some muscle don't have the dynamics to make those muscles flex (example: at 3:30 to 3:23 and into the solo riff, it simply feels flat).

However, as I mentioned, there was something about Incarnit's songs that compelled me to seek out more of their material. Out of the plethora of thrash bands I was listening to while researching for my blog, Incarnit kept creeping back into my mind!

When I visited Incarnit's YouTube page, I came across a couple other songs that were more to my liking. Songs such as Suffer and Home are tight thrash numbers that really highlight Incarnit's songwriting abilities. At times they bring to mind material found on Evile's debut album, but far more interesting. Their touches of traditional metal add a nice dimension to their songs.

Incarnit's music is good and the potential for these guys to begin writing all-out thrash classics is just within their reach. I am definitely going to keep my eye on this band as they progress. I can't wait to see where they go from here.

Stream their vid and then check out Incarnit here.

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