Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Diamond Plate - Generation Why?

Diamond Plate
Generation Why?

A few Diamond Plate fans are up in arms about what they heard on a couple sneak peeks tracks of the bands upcoming album Generation Why?. Complaints lit up the forums about the vocals sounding too metalcore (?) as well as the sound of the music taking a similar direction.

After listening to the new album, I can say that some of the expressed fears of the band's direction are realized as there is a decidedly "core" influence on some of the tracks. Songs such as Tomb with a View seem to have more in common with Earth Crisis than Slayer or Exodus.

However, if you are taking away that this review is a Diamond Plate bash-fest, you are mistaken. Killer bad-ass metal is still killer bad ass metal no matter what bits and pieces are added, and Diamond Plate drives that point home with Generation Why?.

At its heart, Generation Why? is a thrash record. Riff-heavy goliath songs such as Waste of Life and Empire Tomorrow are galloping shreds of savagery. In fact, the latter song alone is worth buying the album, because those looking for thrash metal played with passion and precision, Empire Tomorrow is destined to become a classic.

Generation Why? is a damn good metal album. Those who are into classic, undiluted thrash metal might feel the need to stay away, but I wouldn't recommend doing so. Speaking as a thrash fan, Diamond Plate's musical prowess, killer riffs and success in writing quality metal music should overstep the pride of a thrash purist.

Does that mean that every song on the album has to be your particular cup of tea? No, but the ones that are will kick your ass hard.

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