Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The NWOTM Blog - a short hiatus

The NWOTM Blog will go on a short hiatus until Saturday, April 21st. Once I take care a few things and get my batteries recharged, I will be back in the blogging saddle again, offering up info on the most killer signed and unsigned thrash bands from around the world.

Meanwhile, I will periodically check the NWOTM Blog Facebook and Twitter pages and will possibly post a few tidbits of new information there, so keep your eyes peeled.

A big THANK YOU to all who check back with this blog from time to time. As a huge thrash fan, I love finding and sharing new bands with you. My hope is that you discover some new killer bands here and decide to keep coming back to see what's new!

If you're new to the NWOTM Blog, please comb through the old articles and find some stuff you like. Hit the bands up on Facebook or email them and tell them how freakin' bad-ass they are! All the bands, from the upstarts to the old-schoolers need to know that the fans are behind them, and we want more, more, MORE!!! I LOVE thrash metal, and I want show our favorite bands, both signed and unsigned, that all of us have a frenzied dedication to their music!

This blog has been and always will be a big HORNS UP to our favorite genre of music. As I continue to support thrash metal, I thank you all for your support in this blog.

Be back here on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 for more thrash madness! See you then!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Bludvera - Terrorform


The new album by Liverpool's BLUDVERA is a testament to how a thrash band can offer up quality songs, keenly executed, and remain true to their own sound while flying the flag of their influences. No, they are not necessarily reinventing thrash here with Terrorform, nor do they need to, but after repeated headbanging sessions to their mix of Bay Area and Teutonic thrash, these bad-ass metal forgers create music that is unmistakably…Bludvera. And, yes, that is a good thing.

Musically, Terrorform is solid and each song is orchestrated to kick ass to the highest degree. Songs such as Powerhouse combines both technical and driving riffage with building dynamics to produce a tune of sonic fist-banging insanity. Citizen Monopoly rides the Kreator edge with harsh blistering guitar work, venomous vocals, and a galloping breakdown that is bound to cause certain mayhem in the pit.

A definite highlight is Scott Clayton's vocal work. His harsh and kinetic energy entwines throughout the music, becoming a vital instrument in the high and low dynamics of each song. Can vocals make you headbang? Weird, but true - check out Clayton's rapid fire rhythm on the title track's chorus and tell me you don't want to slam to it. Also, his use of the occasional nut-punching scream to accent certain lyrics add extra character to his delivery.

Those who think this all sounds a bit too run-of-the-mill need to drop all preconceived ideas of recycled thrash and soak in Bludvera's music. When I said "quality songs" earlier, the term goes beyond just well played music, but also encompasses memorable riffs and the mark of a band who love what they do.

To get Terrorform, go here and then keep up with Bludvera here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: Tantara - Based on Evil

Based on Evil
Indie Recordings

Tantara's self-released EP Human Mutation set the stage for a promising young metal band who know the art of well-crafted thrash metal tunes. The EP garnered Tantara an underground swell of well-deserved support from all over the world. After all, Human Mutation was a damn good EP, causing many fans to wonder where the immediate future would take the band.

When word got out that legendary music producer Flemming Rasmussen was tapped to handle their debut album Based on Evil, the fan base gave an overwhelming positive response. However, to have such a famous name tied to the band's debut album comes with expectations on their delivery: They either bring it or they bite off more than they can chew.

Well, if Human Mutation was a welcome kick in the ass, then Based on Evil is a full-on neck breaking body slam. Any worries that Tantara might drop the ball on their highly anticipated debut will cast aside all doubt after the opening title track begins with a short slow grind before driving into a full thrashing assault.

It's mind boggling how good this album is, because beyond the killer galloping riffs, the ripping vocals, and attention-grabbing dynamics, there is a distinct hunger emanating from the band that sharpens each track to a dangerous and gut-passionate edge. It's not something you can fake, and with all the excitement, sweat, blood, and devotion Tantara has for thrash metal, Based on Evil is as real as it gets.

There are many highlights, including the mid-paced, pissed-off bad-assery of Mass Murder, and Prejudice of Violence which includes a chorus of gang vocals that brings to mind its usage on Vio-Lence's Eternal Nightmare album. In fact, the gang vocals peppered throughout all of Based on Evil are horns-up metal as hell!

As a natural balance to the blistering madness, Tantara ties in acoustical parts that flow in and out of select songs, adding a haunting tranquility that rings of caution instead of happiness. The beginning of Killing of Mother Earth is an alluring homage to early Testament, complete with Skolnick-esque soloing that blends seamlessly with the underlying music. Along these same lines, the symphonic ending to Prejudice of Violence is absolutely stunning.

There are a lot of bands that put out good, solid albums, but there are fewer that are able to bare their fangs while putting forth music that sounds so well-crafted and purposeful. Based on Evil is an important album for the new wave of thrash, as it demonstrates that the genre is far from dead in the water.

Check out the album single Trapped in Bodies below and then follow them on Facebook here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was almost asleep before Nuclear Salvation kicked my ass!

I have to hand it to modern thrashers Nuclear Salvation. Tonight I was in a jaded and tired disposition as I thumbed through the various thrash bands I've been meaning to check out.

As the opening riff to Nuclear Salvation's Hate Anthem kicked in, I sighed as it repeated through a few measures. Usually by this time, when I am in such a blank-headed state, I would either skip ahead in the song to see if anything catches my attention or turn it off and move on. Good thing I was more tired than jaded since i was too lazy to do either, so I let the song play.

Then after the first verse, the riff and vocal pattern change at 1 minute and 22 seconds made my ears prick up and suddenly I was at full attention. My head started to move as the riff kicked my ass back into the land of the living.

Then again and again, Nuclear Salvation would find that sweet spot in a crushing, galloping riff and would ride that son of a bitch for maximum headbanging impact.

Catchy melody is not lost on these guys as they are able to blend it seamlessly in their barrage of harsh rhythms. In fact, the entire solo section at the end of A Miracle For Sale gives the feeling of speeding along on a runway until it takes off in a flight of uplifting wonder before crashing back to the ground in a metal wreckage of chunky riffs and searing vocals.

After jamming through all of their available songs on their Reverbnation page, I was so impressed with their blend of some Slayer worship with slamming melodic death metal, that I went through several repeated listens. Just think - moments before, my head was full of mud and yawns and now I'm pumped and inspired to write about the awesomeness that is Nuclear Salvation.

That's the power of good music!

Listen to the tune below and then check them out here!


Monday, March 5, 2012

The Genocide Of All ROCKS!

I never shy away from a killer groove when it works in a song. In my book, bands that can do almost no wrong when it comes to the chugging stomp riffage would be Obituary, Pro-Pain, and the mighty Jungle Rot.

Even traditional thrash bands such as Slayer, Kreator, and old Sepultura (as well as some NWOTM groups such as Sworn Amongst and 4ARM) are known to hammer in well-placed grooves and breakdowns. As a result, these death, hardcore, and thrash bands work thick guitars and locomotive groove into their songs to whip up a fury of head-slamming mayhem.

So yes, I'm always on the outlook for a metal band that can wield a brutal groove or breakdown like a skull-shattering Louisville Slugger.*

So imagine my excitement when I came across a Connecticut band called The Genocide Of All. This four piece embraces their love of the Slayer riff, the technical sweeps of Megadeth, the hammering Pantera groove, and slime-filled shovels of death metal right from the play book of the aforementioned Jungle Rot. Hell. YES.

For mid-paced grooving deathrash, T.G.O.A. ranks right up with the best of 'em. The guitars balance between simple gallops and fret-running spider riffs, using building dynamics to force the listener to move - whether it be headbanging, foot-stomping, air drumming/guitar, or whatever…you just have to expel that raging metallic energy!

Darrin's vocals are killer expulsions of pure gravelly death (reminding me a lot of Jungle Rot's Dave Matrise). His vocal patterns blend and work so well with T.G.O.A.'s grooving slabs of harsh metal.

Guys, I'm ready for a full length album!

If you're a fan of this type of metal, check out the tracks below and then keep tabs on them at Reverbnation or MySpace.




*I don't mean the bands that use the breakdown as a crutch. There were/are many hardcore-leaning bands that seems to force-fit a breakdown in every single song, making some of them awkward and predictable. Yes, I love some of these bands and when a breakdown flows naturally in their songs, nothing can be more powerful. But I started to hate it when the band would go, "Okay, we did the opening riff, the two verses and choruses, and now let's make all the music stop and go into our conventional and textbook breakdown."

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrashline: News and music from Crusher, Nuclear Omnicide, Tuck From Hell, and MORE!

Let's start this weekend's post with a bang! On a recent thrash search, I came across CRUSHER, a monster of a thrash band out of the Ukraine. Some of you may have already heard their album Endless Torment from Metal Scrap Records, but those of you who are not privy to their sound, check them out and be slammed by some old-school thrash worship.

Songs such as Living For… and S(k)atanic Ride are full-on scorchers of road burn METAL! With songs such as Politishit, Crusher keeps the tunes interesting by throwing in pounding riffs and left field dynamics.

I want to make a ton of puns about how Crusher's music will CRUSH your head in, but I won't. Instead I will state that Crusher is a very impressive group of thrashers who will SMASH your face in! See how different that was?

Watch their vid, listen to their tune and then hit them up on Facebook!



Hey, congratulations to Finland's NUCLEAR OMNICIDE! This young band inked a deal with with the mighty EBM Records and will have a new album out sometime this year. I can't believe they are all under the age of 20. Frickin' prodigies.

Anyway, in case you missed my tiny-ass mention I made about them in one of last month's Weekend Breakdown posts, check out the killer tune below. Afterward, if you are so inclined, hit them up on Facebook and ask them, "Are you one of the thrash bands that have 'Nuclear' in your name?"

The guys in Nuclear Omnicide, just as the guys in the bands Nuclear Assault, Nuclear Torment, Nuclear Sentence, Nuclear Wasteland, Nuclear Monstrosity, Nuclear Theatre, Nuclear Decay, Nuclear Nature, Nuclear Tempest, Nuclear Vomit, Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Desolation, Nuclear Frost, Nuclear Age, Nuclear Disorder, Holocausto Nuclear, Nuclear Decadence, Nuclear Gore, Nuclear Sushi, Nuclear Chaos, Everyday Nuclear Demonstration, Comando Nuclear, Among Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Scorn, Nuclear Agony, Nuclear Decimation, Nuclear Applepants, Nuclear Danger, Nuclear Collision, Nuclear WarMachine, Abismo Nuclear, Nuclear Infection, Nuclear Sarcophagus Politics, Nuclear Panda, Nuclear Waste, Nuclear Sun Rise, Diarrea Nuclear, Nuclear Brains, Nuclear Scum, Nuclear Warheads, Nuclear Beast, Nuclear Skull, Nuclear Funeral, Nuclear Pizza Party, Energy Nuclear, Nuclear Infantry, Nuclear Fight, Nuclear Genocide, Nuclear Clown, Nuclear Scars, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Death, Nuclear Devastation, Nuclear Disaster, Nuclear Hell, Abismo Nuclear, Nuclear Aggressor and Nuclear would all answer "Yes, we are!"


Speaking of NUCLEAR, have you heard their killer cover of Slayer's Silent Scream? So I assume these guys whip this cover out when the one or two drunk dudes in the audience inevitably yell, "SLAAAAYER!" They now need to learn Children of the Cult for the many times folks in the audience yell, "INSINNERATOR!" It happens.


LA thrashers SCYTHE have released their new song End of Days. This song will be one of the tracks on the new Scythe album Defying To Exist to be released on March 6th! For more details, hit them up on Facebook. Meanwhile, check out the new tune below.


Another killer release on March 6th will be physical copies of Transcending Reality, the debut EP from TESTIMONY! Once Tuesday rolls around, those interested in snatching up a copy need to head on over to Testimony's Bigcartel site. Why? Because that's where you buy it, man. That's where you buy it.


St. Paul crossover heroes IN DEFENCE are presently on tour, violating the southern U.S. with their pizza-hating shenanigans (and music playing). If you are in their path, make your way to the venue and have a killer time.


On April 27th, NoiseArt Records are kicking out a re-release of Fueled By Fire's second album Plunging Into Darkness. This release will be a blue vinyl pressing with the new bonus track Deadly Restraints. This is actually pretty kick-ass. I need to get my hands on a damn record player!

Details here!


It escapes me who recently introduced me to TUCK FROM HELL, but I need to thank him or her or it. This Swedish band kicks your teeth in with an adrenaline boosting mix of Slayer, Testament, and Judas Priest, which makes for a rolling mass of stomping metal that any headbanger can run with.

Musically apt, Tuck From Hell offers up some hella tight riffage, technical melodies, and perfectly forceful Chuck Billy-esque vocals. The bottom line is Tuck From Hell is an all-out killer metal band.

Listen below, like 'em on Facebook, and remember…tell your friends!


Hey, Dr. Livingdead! Please tour the states! You too, Tantara! And YOU Essence! And 4ARM! And...(These call-outs for a U.S. tour are worth a shot. However, we can't even get Lich King to get their collective ass over to Kansas City, and they LIVE in the States.)
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