Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey, Striking Death! Get your demo recorded!

Thanks goes to Luuk Hoogland for tipping me off on a few new bands. One of them, called STRIKING DEATH, popped out video that is about as lo-fi as you can get and still get killer sounding guitars!

These young dudes from Belgium hooked me with the vid to their song Team Shitfaced. The recording is a rehearsal track and it's raw as hell, but the song is a lot of fun (as is the video). Seriously, watching this vid makes me want to assemble a few of my buddies, grab some guitars, and slam out some old-school thrash - all in the name of having a kick-ass fun time.

If you're thumbing your nose at Striking Death for being low-brow "pizza thrash" (a term I don't find the least bit insulting), give a quick listen to the promising demo of their song Save a Skater, Drain a Pool (awesome title!). So far the recording is comprised of guitars and drums only, but it sounds absolutely slamming! I can't wait to hear the full version. In fact, I can't wait to hear the full demo!

So get to work, Striking Death! Get your tunes recorded!

Check out the vids below and if you are one to keep your eye on a blossoming young thrash group, hit them up on Facebook.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cuttin' Loose ROCKS!

Yes, I've been covering a LOT of crossover, but I've been on a huge Dr. Living Dead kick recently, so it has seeped into my blog/Facebook page more than usual.

Along with the aforementioned Doctor, as well as Marauding Ghouls and Like A Texas Murder, I am also jamming hard to California's CUTTIN' LOOSE.

These guys slam with shortened bursts of furious hardcore thrash, with riffage that crosses throat-tearing metal and pit forging stomps. In each track, Cuttin' Loose crams in a lot of fun that goes by too quickly, forcing fans to gleefully pound on the repeat button for another dose of skateboard-to-the-head insanity.

For fans of California crossover thrash hardcore metal punk thrash thrash metal crossover thrash hardcore hardcore punk metal punk thrash, then you can thank Cuttin' Loose for making their Skate To Hell EP available as a FREE download over at their bandcamp page.

Listen below, go here to download the EP, and then hit them up on Facebook here.

Ah, good times.

Lenny Troo Frasher: Musical tastes

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Like A Texas Murder offers the gift of FREE crossover thrash!

A while back, I wrote about a group of bad-ass Brazilian crossover crushers called Like A Texas Murder. Well, in case you didn't know, the band has graciously offered both of their stellar albums Grindcore Caiçara and Tudo de Ruim as free downloads over on their bandcamp page!

Both albums are searing slabs of hardcore thrash that slam with speedy guitar work, killer vocals, and chunky breakdowns, complete with some unpredictable twists and dynamics.

Download the albums here and then don't forget to send them a message on Facebook to thank 'em for the free ass-stomping!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: KK Street Bangers, Crisix, Dark Entropy, Exeloume

Does their name sound like a mid-80s NY rap group? Sure, but believe me that once you crank into a KK Street Bangers song, all thoughts of break dancing turn to neck snapping as their brand of raging thrash slams your calloused brain into jelly.

This is dirty pissed-off thrash metal that storms along like a truck with a bloodied grill, picking off unwary victims who are not ready for the chugging mosh-worthy riff attack! The simple, yet effective riff that starts off the tune Street Metal is built for headbanging. I freakin' love it!

The only problem might be the lack of real drums in the recording, but that is a minor quibble since it doesn't really take away from the fun and power of KK Street Bangers's kick ass songs.

Listen below and then hit them up on Facebook here.


A big shout-out to Zé Rodrigues for turning me on to this band! So hold your horns high, thrashers! Coming to you from Spain is CRISIX, a band that crushes with a metal onslaught of chunk, melody, gallops, killer solos, and throat-tearing screams. When their song Ultra Thrash kicks in and starts raging, I imagine the wall plaster start to crack and tumble while the weak-eared parents in the next room are covering their ears while yelling, "What the hell is going ON?!?"

As a metal head, if you need to strengthen your neck muscles, Crisix is the perfect headbanger's workout band. Do some warmup stretches, check out the tune below, and try not to strain your neck.

Facebook them here.


Listening to a band as talented and musically kick-ass as Dark Entropy is a bit frustrating at times. The music that this Illinois thrash band brings to the table is tight, heavy, and worthy of praise. Richard Spoo is a helluva drummer and the guitars of Matt Schering and Mike Maskas are chugging machines of fury.

However, the frustration lies with vocalist Rob Peto's delivery. Too many times he follows the rhythm of the drum or guitar riff. This practice would be fine in small doses, but the amount he mimics the rhythm kills any use of vocal dynamics and frankly becomes a bit distracting (such as in the chorus for Enlisted Suicide and throughout Sins of Our Fathers).

However, Peto's voice is more than capable to front a metal band. I would just like to hear him not adhere his delivery so much on the rhythm and instead use his vocals as another instrument that glides with the music and not just stick on top of it.

To say that Dark Entropy has potential is an understatement. Even with the problems I have with the vocal delivery, the band is still bad-ass. I'm definitely going to follow and keep my ears open to these guys and I'm anxious to see what they will crank out in the future.

Give them a listen below and then look into them over at Facebook.


I've seen the Ed Repka cover to Exeloume's album Fairytale of Perversion many time and have always meant to check them out. However, with hundreds of bands scattered around the woodwork, it's easy to pass over many worthy bands. And that sucks, man.

Recently, this Norwegian band was brought back to my attention, and I promptly hit the web to check out their goods. Damn, I HATE missing out on killer bands! To think that Exeloume was floating around all this time without damaging my thrash-hardened ears is disgraceful. I'll make up for that now.

Exeloume's brand of deathrash destroys with sweeping dynamics, hard hitting riffs, and blazing solos. Taking unpredictable turns, the music can dig into the depths of anger, to uplifting wonder, and then to utter chaos, bringing a sense of excitement to the musical journey Exelmoume leads us on.

Check out the tunes below and then follow them here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lenny Troo Frasher: Remember?


Holy CRAP!

When taking metal music into consideration, there is heavy and then there is sh*t-ton of bloodied bricks HEAVY.

Enter Indonesia's T.K.R. (tengkorak rusuh), a band that hammers out some of the heaviest modern thrash I've heard in a while. The band's formula is rather simple, which is take a stripped down gallop riff, use mid-tempo dynamics on it, and top it with some killer death-like rhythmic vocals. It's not too far off from what Soulfly has done, that is if Soulfly added a giant-sized sledge hammer made of thrash and blood to cave in your freaking SKULL.

Fans of bands such as Sworn Amongst and HeadCrusher take note. P.K.R. uses the tools offered up by modern thrash riffage and production to create music that is both catchy and heavy enough to make you stomp a hole in the floor.

Listen below and then Faceook them here!



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tantara releases preview of Based on Evil!

In case you have been under a rock for the past few hours, TANTARA has released a preview of their upcoming album Based on Evil. We are treated to roughly 30 seconds of each track, teasing us with what should turn out to be a phenomenal thrash metal album.

From what I can tell, the production is stellar. I just can't WAIT to get my hands on the full album. ARGGH!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thrashline: Havok, Municipal Waste, T.C.F., In Defence, and MORE!

On May 22nd, HAVOK returns! Everyone's favorite Colorado thrashers will unleash a beastly EP titled The Point of No Return. Those who come into possession of this slab of metal will be treated to some cover songs (Sepultura and Slayer) as well as two brand new Havok tracks that are destined to shred your freaking face. Ouch!

Straight from the Netherlands, we have the new album by T.C.F.! The album titled Where Madness Reigns is brimming with blistering, old-school hardcore thrash. Taking cues from punk and crossover kings such as The Exploited, DRI, and SOD, among others, T.C.F. succeeds in cranking out killer boot-to-the-ass mosh anthems. If you're into punk-driven thrash metal, then Where Madness Reigns is freakin' solid!


Just in time for the upcoming tour with GWAR and GHOUL, thrash heavyweights Municipal Waste have released a new track titled Religion Proof - and it's streaming for FREE! Not only THAT, but you can download the title track of the Waste's upcoming album The Fatal Feast here. Also FREE (with the relinquishing of your email address). Nice!


As you know (I hope), TANTARA released a killer cover of the Metallica classic Disposable Heroes. Well, these guys have packaged the tune as a gift for everyone to download for free! Thanks, Tantara People!


I have been following Ireland's thrash maniacs ANIMATOR for a while now, but I have failed to share them with you via my kick-ass blog. Well, the wait is over! Animator seems to enjoy devastating the listener's ears with a one-two punch of classic thrash metal mixed with bits of crossover. These guys line up some killer riffs, nice solos, and dynamics that push their brand of searing metal songs over the top. Professional, tight and completely bad-ass. Check 'em out!


I just found out about Germany's DELIRIUM TREMENS. From what I have heard, they have incorporated a more rock 'n' roll style to their metal, but the song The Iron Gang Is Running Wild is pure ass-kicking THRASH metal! Not kidding. Give the song a listen - you won't be sorry!


Hey, here's another healthy dose of crossover for all you hungry thrashers. Portland, Oregon has spawned a punk-fueled metal beast called Roadkill Carnivore (RKC). Drawing from influences such as Crumbsuckers, The Accused, and Cryptic Slaughter, these Portland pile-drivers slam down some aggressive tunes that should easily satisfy fans of the cross genres. RKC is frenzied and fun, so grab your skateboard and let's go crack some skulls!



Let's head back to Germany to take a quick listen to the death metal styling of DISMINDED. The recordings are raw as hell, but I got a kick out of their old-school treatment of the death genre. At least that was my first impression when I jammed out to their tune Suffocate the Pain. Then I listened to another one of their available songs titled Acid, and noticed a 45 degree turn in their songwriting - almost sounding like a completely different band. Acid's main riff and drum beat gives it a…dance?…quality to it. It's not bad, but I'm curious as to what caused the shift in musical direction. Check them out, compare, and you'll see what I mean.



The new issue of COFFINFEEDER FANZINE is now available! It features interviews with Warbringer, Havok, Lich King, and others! Also, band features and reviews, in full color! Check out the Coffinfeeder Fanzine site to order a copy!


Have you seen the latest video by IN DEFENCE? Watch below, love it, and then hit them up here!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tantara covers Metallica

Tantara just posted their cover of the Metallica classic Disposable Heroes. This is excellent work for something they seemingly did just for fun (or good promo for their upcoming debut album).

The musicianship is tight, but it would have to be to get Metallica's ridiculously insane e-string gallops perfect. The coolest parts of the cover are the solos - they sound so full and rich. All in all, I dig this.

Hopefully this is just a taste of extra bits we can expect from the mighty Tantara, even after they come out full force with the release of Based On Evil!

Check out the cover below.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: A killer list of thrash, punk, and death metal!

For those of you checking back here periodically only to find nothing in regards to new posts, I apologize. As I mention from time to time, I am backed up on my posts, holding back a queue of new thrash that grows in both numbers and impatience every day.

What is a one man army to do with so much kick-ass music and no earnestly given time to bring it to you in a number of well thought-out posts?


Here, I am offering up a list of bands that I found either through online research, word of mouth, or email requests. These bands have caught my ear one way or another and for the past couple of weeks, I've been meaning to present them to you all, but to no avail. So in one big sweep, I shall post snippets of all-out metal complete with song streams and links.

Now, don't mistake my purging without my typical long-ass gushing fanboy write-ups as any form of disrespect toward the bands on the following list. On the contrary - I dig 'em. That's why they are on the list. However, for the purposes of this particular post, my time is limited to just a few words per listing.

Go through the list. I doubt you'll like 'em all, but hopefully there will be a few gems in here that will bring out the Mosh Monster in you.

So here we go!

Raw and blazing thrash punk from Portland, Oregon. Their one-minute available song Speedhole has enough gruff and attitude to have me wanting to hear more!

Check them out below and then Facebook them here.


Killer thrash out of Germany that knows the power of a well-placed swamp riff to keep things heavy and interesting. Nice soloing throughout.

Check out Children of Violence below and then hit them up on Facebook…you know, just to say hi.


Thrash-laden heavy metal out of California, full of catchy and driving riffs with clean vocals that remain rooted in 70's dark rock. Headbang to the riffage of State of Chaos and then hit them up here.


The now-defunct deathrash/speed band OSMIUM are absolutely pummeling. Band members included a couple dudes from the bad-ass deathrash band ECOPOLIS, all who helped forge Osmium's pit-inducing songs. As I listen to them, I still can't believe they didn't break out further than they did (although their music did end up on the Get Thrashed documentary).

Give your respects to them here.



Greek thrash/crossover with a sense of humor. Bad-ass driving thrash rhythms that bring to mind bits of Gama Bomb and Nuclear Assault. Listen to Wrath of the Anus and then keep tabs on them here.


These guys hammer out a killer assault of Aussie metal that combines modern thrash, death metal, and groove that absolutely shreds. Get an ass kicking by listening to their tune Born of Metal and then keep up with them here.


This Swedish band mixes old-school thrash with modern metal nuances, creating catchy slabs of powerful aggression. I love their song Fallen One! Give it a listen and then hit them up on Facebook.


I loved these guys right from the start. There is simply too much…charm?…in Electric Vengeance's brutal lo-fi punk-fueled thrash attack. This is as raw as it gets and I would kill to see these guys live. Check them out below and then virtually meet them here.


Sick death metal out of Quebec that does a good job of ripping your face off with chunks of grind and thrash riffage. Insanitarium are both frenzied and headbang-able, so check them out below and then follow them at their Facebook HQ.


Chaosity is a freakin' wall of sound, thrashing out a brutal offering of pissed-off death metal that hinges on catchy riffs and killer dynamics. Listen and then like 'em!


What a killer band! There is something about this Belarus-born thrash group that grabs me by the throat and squeezes until my ears fill with a bloody mess of harsh, dynamic-laden METAL. By all means, give them a listen and if you like it, hit them up on Facebook for details on how to download their album for FREE!


Let me end on a killer thrashed-out note. I was tipped off by the mighty Lich King who seemed to really dig these guys. Nuclear Omnicide blasts the listener with a barrage of undiluted metal who uses everything in the thrash toolbox to deliver ample amounts of headbanging bliss. Listen and like!

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