Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: SSS - Problems to the Answer

Problems to the Answer

Typically, with crossover thrash, one can think of old school punk-infused groups such as D.R.I. and Cryptic Slaughter, or newer bands such as Municipal Waste, In Defence, and Blunt Force Trauma. With these and other bands similar to their specific styles, some may tip closer to punk, some may mix more metal, and some will go straight-up hardcore.

However, in the case with SSS, as demonstrated on their most recent album Problems to the Answer, the scales tip every which way, from full-on punk, to hardcore, grind, and thrash metal. One song may be pure to one of these genres while the next may incorporate them all seamlessly, without stumbling or feeling disjointed, proving that SSS are the very definition of modern crossover.

For over 40 pummeling minutes, SSS tears through short and sweet numbers such as Birdshit and Laughing Leads to Crying. Just before the music risks stumbling into repetition of blazing beats and swift barks, SSS hits us with "longer" cuts such as the headbanging Eat Me Burn Me Drink Me, which main riff sounds like a killer 90s Napalm Death breakdown.

Those looking for a bit more riffage in their crossover can find monster and catchy guitar work in songs such as Tales Out of School and Dismantle the Dream.

To use a variety of genres and manage to give them a unified sound is SSS's best accomplishment as well as a testament to their abilities in writing a brand of heavy music that utilizes each of them to make Problems to the Answer a success.

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