Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ciementificio ROCKS!

I love finding stuff like this. Italy's Ciementificio take the joy of hard riff-rock, catchy avant-garde, sludge, death, and hardcore, cherry-pick the best parts and mix them into a crushing thrash machine.

I love all three of their available streaming tracks, but I really dig Zom-B. It sounds as if the stoner/doom band Trouble ditched the clean vocals and went thrash. The other songs offer their own characteristics, from sing-along crossover to left-field riffage, they are all made strong with an aggressively fun vibe and intelligent dynamics.

Ciementificio's songs are refreshing and will literally be ear candy for those looking for something different in their metal. I want to learn Italian just so I can scream along.

Check out all three tunes below and then hit them up on Facebook!

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