Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mantic Ritual awakens. Stay AWAKE!!

Good ol' "Japan" Nick Perkel brought a bit of news to the forefront with this article. All I have to say is MANTIC RITUAL is BACK, baby!

Okay…okay, I need to take it down a notch. I'm just excited. So far, they are reforming to play this year's Thrasho De Mayo in Los Angeles. That's all, it seems. Sorry. So sorry.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

You see, Mantic Ritual should afford the possibility of this little get-together to become a full-fledged reunion. Why? Because back in 2009, they released the stellar thrash album Executioner, and then let that Perkel jerk see them live on three different occasions before slowly falling apart.

What I'm trying to say, other than being jealous of anyone fortunate enough to see them on tour, is that their first album was a solid and slamming stepping stone to something earth-shattering - and I wanna HEAR it.

So enough of this not-yet realized fabled modern thrash classic which dances around in my dreams like a treasure of shining brilliance I cannot embrace! Album #2 needs to happen, dammit!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Striking Beast ROCKS!


I love finding gems like this while roaming the thrash channels of the internet.

Here we have STRIKING BEAST, a new thrash band out of Poland who just released their 4-song EP titled Nuclear Genocide.

Striking Beast fished amongst the rivers of thrash metal clichés, reeling in song titles such as Toxic Injection and Alcoholic Assault, which admittedly had me check them out in the first place. Clichés don't bother me. Crappy music does. Thankfully, Striking Beast wraps those "Pizza Thrash" titles around some kick-ass, crushing thrash f'n METAL!

The music is tight and in your face, offering up sharp riffs that are not only interesting and well-executed, but they end up serving their intended purpose: thrash your freakin' NECK.

Yes, their songs rock, and you have no excuse to NOT check 'em out since Striking Beast is offering Nuclear Genocide up as a FREE download. Oh, and also because I am posting all of the EP's song below.

So listen below, download the EP here, and then go tell the band "THANKS, GUYS" on their Facebook page.

If any band has hit the ground running, it's Striking Beast. Bad-ASS!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

New unreleased Slayer song "Necrotizing Fasciitis"?! No, but this is funny.

Ever since Jeff Hanneman and the disease necrotizing fasciitis became intertwined for metal fans who leave their passionate opinions on the online metal forums, people have been clamoring for SLAYER to write a song titled after the skin-rotting affliction.

Well, someone took the idea into their own hands and produced a very Slayer-esque effort to inject a little humor into a very serious disease. Behold the "Rare New Unreleased Slayer song" Necrotizing Fasciitis!

As of this writing I don't know what band put this together, but damn, the guy really sounds like Tom Araya!

Listen, have a laugh at the rather juvenile humor, and still give off some good vibes to our man Hanneman for a full recovery. He is needed in the REAL Slayer!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tantara bassist quits! Max, we hardly knew ye...

So one of my absolute favorite NWOTM bands has lost its bassist.

Max Ejaxx, bass master for the thrash titans TANTARA has decided to exit the band. Apparently, his heart lies in other types of art other than thumping the rhythm strings. Sez Max on the Tantara Facebook page:

"I want to thank everyone of you for supporting, listening, banging your head and drinking to Tantara. For all the smiles, fists and thrashing heads I've seen on our shows over the past two years.
It has been a great experience for me. Recording the debut album and being a part of it all was amazing. I'll never forget it.

The reason for this message is this.. I have come to the decision to leave the band. It's a tough one for me, but it's for the best. I want to focus on art and other stuff right now. Being a musician is just a hobby for me at the moment.

The guys in Tantara respects my decision and I am still up for playing on the coming shows until they find a new bassist.

Looking forward to seeing the future of the band from another perspective and I promise you... the next album is going to be insane. Herregud."

Usually, losing a band member can be a frightening prospect, especially if the loss alters the band's sound in any way. I mean, if the band sucks donkeys, then maybe a change is for the better. However, Tantara doesn't suck donkeys, or any other animal for that matter. So, considering Tantara has put together some modern classic thrash tunes, here's hoping that the change won't kill the chemistry within the band, thus putting a damper on the songwriting.

As hungry as these guys are, I believe a new bassist (a new LUCKY bassist) will be found and Tantara will be just as strong as ever, cranking out the promised "insane" album we are clamoring for.

So now, the question will be…who will become the new bassist for TAN-f'n-TARA?!


Probably not, but I'm sure it will be someone great. Now scroll down and thrash.

Monday, February 4, 2013

New song from Ultra-Violence!

In a previous post, The NWOTM Blog sung praises about the mighty Italian thrashers ULTRA-VIOLENCE and their powerfully solid brand of aggressive METAL.

Although the wait hasn't been too long for some new Ultra-Violence, I believe that kick-ass music can never come soon enough, right? Right. Well, recently we've been blessed with a taste of Privilege To Overcome, their upcoming full-length album from Punishment 18 Records!

Take a look-see down and check out the frenzy of their new song Turn Into Dust! This song is a continuation of the throat-tearing music we've come to expect of a band with such a horns-up moniker.

Turn Into Dust is delightfully sick with a riff (that begins about 2:14) that is sure to cause more than a couple injuries in the pit. I'm freakin' excited to jam the rest of this album!

As for you, listen below, thrash out, and then go hit up their Facebook page. \m/

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