Friday, March 29, 2013

Video for DEATHRAISER's Terminal Disease

Finally, Brazil's own maniacal thrash band DEATHRAISER has released its very first music video!

The video is for the song Terminal Disease, from the band's 2011 album Violent Aggression (re-released in 2012 via Xtreem Music), and it CRUSHES!

If you haven't slammed to Deathraiser yet, you're missing out. These guys write music akin to driving in railroad spikes with your face. The speed and insanity they inject into their metal is both maddening and perfect.

Check out the vid below (and beware of vocalist Thiago's crazed eyes!!), and then hit them up on either Facebook or MySpace.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New song from ESSENCE - Fractured Dimension!!

Danish thrash masters ESSENCE released a new lyric video for their new tune Fractured Dimension.

I am a huge fan of Essence's album Lost in Violence, and I'm positive their upcoming release Last Night of Solace will not suck.

Fractured Dimension is a promising peek, layered with all kinds of thrashing goodies - driving riffs, spot-on guitar work, and Lasse Skov's unmistakable vocals.

The ONLY thing that took me out of the song was how similar the opening verse riff brings to mind the verse riff to Tantara's Negligible Souls. I seriously doubt this was a "rip-off" of sorts, and that's where the similarities end. It still kicks magnitudes of ass.

Check out the tune below, hit them up on Facebook here, and pre-order the album on iTunes!

I'm looking forward to March 29th to get my order in for Last Night of Solace! ESSENCE!!!

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