Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Slasher, Exarsis, Razorwyre, Horns of Moses

Modern thrash done right. Slasher from Brazil lace their songs with fast riffing and plenty of mid-paced crossover-tinged stomp. Although Slasher's influences come from the 80s gene pool of thrash, they are not a throwback band, opting to also incorporate the strengths of 90s and early 2000's metal.

Slasher's music is razor-sharp and mean as hell.

Listen below and check them out here.

For a more traditional thrash sound, we have Greece's Exarsis. Formed in the later part of 2009, Exarsis originally set out to play 80s thrash and have successfully remained true to that standard.

If you're looking for aggressive speed, gang vocals, jackhammer drums, and riffs that are full of old-school fire, give these guys a listen below and then check them out here.

Freaking fist-pumping METAL! Combining thrash/speed and traditional heavy metal, Razorwyre kick out raw, old-school tunes that smell of leather, spikes, and adrenaline-induced sweat.

From beginning to end, this is pure muscle-flexing heavy metal. Do these guys eat nails for breakfast?

Listen and then go to their website here to download their EP!

A couple of my favorite thrash bands come out of Johnson City, TN, so I had high hopes for Horns of Moses. Admittedly I am not a fan of the "blackened" sub-genre, but putting aside differences of lyrical topic appreciation, Horns of Moses can pound out some killer freaking death thrash.

This is pure angry metal with both sweeping and brutal riffs and drumming that is on the money.

Listen below and then Facebook 'em here.

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