Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why the Half Price Books stores rule!

Just got back from Half Price Books with more treasure.

It used to be my one-stop shop for killer comic books. I actually found a handful of MINT 60s X-Men comics for about $1.50 each as well as the first 20 issues of the 70s Ghost Rider comics for $5. It still gives me chills. Enough comic geek talk. Just know that there are goodies to be found at the beloved HPB.

Within the last two weeks, I found the following:

On cassette: Artillery - Terror Squad/Fear of Tomorrow combo. Destruction - Cracked Brain. Gutted - Bleed For Us to Live. Sadus - A Vision of Misery.

On CD: Dark Angel - Decade of Chaos. dead horse - peaceful death & pretty flowers. DEMILICH - Nespithe. Pestilence - Spheres.

Cassettes were 50 cents each and the CDs were between $5-$6.

Good stuff. What sucks is that Half Price Books get "new" items in all the time, so I want to go almost every freaking day.

Anyway, just wanted to share and do a bit of bragging. If anyone out there has found some killer deals on music in the past, plug in a comment. I love reading those kinds of stories.


  1. You come away with an awesome haul...and I landed Rob Halford's Christmas album... but also got Amorphis, too - I have to also give props to HPB - it's hit or miss but never overpriced and one of the few places left you can sit on the floor and while away an hour sifting through music (and comic books).

  2. Nice! I must also mention that I find a ton of kids' DVDs and books for my 3 year-old for next to nothing.


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