Sunday, August 26, 2012

Internal Corrosion ROCKS!

If you're looking for Bay Area-style thrash with bits of crossover, check out the fist-pounding metal mayhem of California's INTERNAL CORROSION. Chunky gallops bound with killer metal riffage and vocals that sound nearly identical to Aversion's Christian Fuhrer has netted me in as someone who thinks this music completely rocks.

Yes, many out there in grumpy-pants land could label Internal Corrosion as just another unoriginal thrash band, but there are too many parts in their music that absolutely shine, making these guys bona fide genre ass-kickers.  Hector, Internal Corrosion's vocalist/guitarist, has a dynamic voice that is freakin' perfect for heading a thrash metal band. On top of that, the guitar solos are great, the rhythm is tight as hell, and the production on the available songs I've heard is stellar. I love it!

Listen to what Internal Corrosion has to offer below and then hit them up here.

Kremated's video - Thrash Ain't Dead!

Here is South London's own KREMATED and their killer love letter to thrash metal - the new video Thrash Ain't Dead and it freakin' crushes!

If you don't know about Kremated, here is the description taken right off their Facebook page (because I am too lazy to form my own write-up today):

“Combining a genuine love of 1980’s underground Thrash Metal with a touch of East Coast Hardcore and old school Crustpunk, this is a no holds barred pissed off full frontal attack, and very pit-friendly, spanning the gaps between full-tilt Speed Metal, dirty beatdowns and punk rants. Imagine Exodus, Bulldoze and The Exploited having a punchup at Celtic Frost's rehearsal space."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Kremated is all-out fun, so check out the vid below and hit them up here and here.


At least it better not be. After all, I have this blog to maintain and update.

Visiting that music world...taking that music trip

There are countless bands I like and enjoy their music. End of story.

However, there are a few bands out there, that when they put out a new release, I will live, eat, and BREATHE that new album. My enjoyment of the album goes beyond the music, although that is where it definitely starts. No, when these particular bands put out a new album, the act of buying and listening to it becomes a completely different experience than simply jamming out to some killer metal (although I am not opposed to that by any means!).

A few examples from my high school years include Sepultura - Arise, Metallica - ...And Justice For All, Megadeth - Rust in Peace, Danzig - both Self Titled and Lucifuge, D.R.I. - 4 of a Kind, Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow..., and Slayer - South of Heaven among many others.

Each of these albums were essentially little worlds for me to enter into and visit for a while. Each had a very specific feeling to them, and to absorb the full atmosphere of an album, everything about it had to be eaten visually as well as audibly.

For those who still buy CDs (and vinyl!), you know how it is after purchasing a new album which you have been lusting over ever since the record company issued out the release date. You get it home and go into your designated music area where you can be alone, just you and your new album. Off comes the plastic wrap, and on through the gauntlet of removing the security tape that lines the top and bottom of the secured jewel case. All the while you can almost TASTE the music.

Once you finally open the case and pop out the CD (which always feels like it's going to break in half the first time you pry it out), the music trip can begin. The CD goes into the stereo and out comes the CD booklet - an essential flavor of the music-buying banquet.

As the music plays in the background, the album cover become eye candy to be thoroughly studied over and over again, and eventually becoming one with the sounds pounding out of the stereo. The lyric sheet is poured over to memorize phrases as if they had been specifically written for the listener. At times we as fans would even find a way to relate certain lyrics to what is going on in our lives, helping us gain strength, cope, or enjoy what was happening at that exact moment in life as we listen to something that means so much to us.

I love that a particular album can set out to tell us fans a story with a combination of music and printed art and words. It causes a connection that is welcoming and eventually nostalgic, but always powerful.

Yes, now I am older and sadly have less time to connect with newer albums the way I did back in high school, but I still find those gems in the new wave of thrash that mesmerizes me just as much as the classic bands from 20-plus years ago.

Bands such as Tantara, Bio-Cancer, Municipal Waste, 4ARM, Dr. Living Dead, Violentor, Insinnerator, Essence, and many more grab me by the neck and drag me into that special place where it's just me, the sounds, and the freakin' CD booklet. For me, one of their albums becomes a world that I can visit for one hell of an involved music trip.

To quote my buddy at Gogmagogical: "because music is...tremendous!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New song from Sewercide!

Okay, kids! Check out the new tune from SEWERCIDE titled Hypothermia!

The tune is a brutal, speedy monster and is just the thing to give me the nice kick in the ass I needed this Tuesday morning. Ahhhhh!

The bonus is that Sewercide is offering it up as a FREE download! Listen to it! Get it! THRASH!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free metal! Extinction ROCKS!

Just a quick post to steer you in the way of more free metal!

Here we have California's deathrashers EXTINCTION who recently released their EP titled Skull Island! SKULL ISLAND, man!

Extinction specialize in death-soaked thrash with peppered hints of traditional metal. The opening riff to their tune Acid Bath is a freakin' genius instrumental, flying the flag of the all-out metal jam. Another song My Axe of Torture rides the edges of moshable polka beats and Six Feet Under style grooves.

I dig Extinction, and you can too...for FREE! Check out the tunes below and if you find them scratching your deathrash itch, download 'em here. Much thanks to Extinction for making the tune available!

Facebook Extinction here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: Dark Serpent and Entrench

Freakin' energetic as all get out, Israel's thrash attackers DARK SERPENT assemble songs full of fantastic hooky riffage and satisfying dynamics.

These guys have had time to hone their craft since Dark Serpent began way back in 1997. They recorded an EP in 2000 and after their attempt at recording a full length album in 2006 fell through, they finally hit the studio in 2010 to put together their debut album titled M.K.C. (Mass Killing Convention) for a 2011 release date.

So 12 years to get out a debut? That's one long road, but in the end it paid off. The songs I've heard off M.K.C. made me sit here on my computer and spew all kinds of thrash fanboy yammering about just how kick-ass Dark Serpent happens to be.

In addition to all the thrash insanity that Dark Serpent expertly churns out, these guys add some healthy weight to their songs via impressive musical prowess. Lead guitarist Giardello Caravagio's solos are well-crafted and the music-only sections in songs such as Siatha De’shmaya are fun as hell to experience.

So check out the tunes below and thrash out! If you like it, you can purchase M.K.C. here and then keep up with Dark Serpent here.

Sweden's ENTRENCH offers up some hard-hitting thrash with melodic twists and a freakin' cornucopia of slamming riffs to cause serious neck PAIN.

Guitarist/vocalist Fredrik Pellbrink can hammer out catchy hooks and rhythms, filling each Entrench song with savage doses bad-assery. Off their Inevitable Decay album, songs such as Portrait of a Phobia highlight the array of riffage that Entrench can successfully weave into a song, bringing to mind Schuldiner-style DEATH as well as hints of Obituary-style stomp.

Other songs such as Into Oblivion and Blind Illusion use headbanging dynamics to the fullest extent as the lads keep the speedy and half-time rhythms tight and furious.

As I listened to the full Inevitable Decay album, I couldn't keep count of how many times I kept saying, "Killer!" or "Bad-ass!" or "ERMAHGERD" or…well, you get the point.

Check out the tunes below and then hit them up here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conflagrator's "Inevitable Punishments" EP now available!

Swedish thrashers CONFLAGRATOR have finally announced the release of their new EP titled Inevitable Punishments. If you want to know more about the album, I posted about it here a couple months ago.

Here's all the info you need, right from the mouth of Conflagrator:

"Okay, finally we are happy to announce that our EP "Inevitable Punishments" is now for sale! 5€ + Shipping (the shipping price will vary depending on where you live) We ship worldwide! To order, just send us your billing information to: and we'll send you info about payment etc etc. We accept paypal users. To make up for all the time you had to wait for this release, we will personally sign every copy you guys order!"

Bad-ass, eh? Good times on the Conflagrator front!

Do yourself a favor and check out the tunes here (or check out the streaming vids below) and if you find that you cannot live without the EP, follow the steps described above and snag a copy for yourself.

Meanwhile, keep tabs on them here.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Insanity Alert's video for Glorious Thrash!

A few months ago I posted about Austria's killer crossover thrashers INSANITY ALERT and their hilarious parody song Run to the Pit.

Now these guys have released a video for their tune Glorious Thrash. It's a rather simple video, but one that I absolutely love because the setting reminds me of what my old band practice space looked like (although theirs is a LOT cleaner). They just need a dirty, beer-soaked couch in the corner for their friends to burn cigarette holes into.

The song itself is a speedy, mosh-worth slab of thrash…Glorious Thrash, that is. WOOOOO!

Check out the tune. if you dig it, well then, Insanity Alert have made their demo available as a FREE freakin' download!

How glorious!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preview song from Unhoped!

UNHOPED, the bad-ass thrash metal masters from Finland have offered up a preview to the follow up of their stellar album Die Harder.

The preview is a "rehearsal" track titled Eternal Infernal, and it freakin' SLAYS. The tune blends speedy death and thrash, brimming with tight riffs and stinging vocals. If the rest of the upcoming songs are as good as Eternal Infernal, than Unhoped will unleash one hell of a monster album.

Although this preview if just a "scratch" track, it sounds raw and mean which I believe is a product of a quick and fast production and overall hunger emanating from the band. I was informed that Unhoped will begin "serious recording" of the new material in October, so I hope they are able to bottle whatever the hell they are doing in their rehearsals and make it work for the upcoming release.

Check out the tune below and then hit the band up here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maniac Force ROCKS!

The supreme kick-ass volunteer thrash researcher Luuk Hoogland clued me in to yet another thrash gem. Brazil's own MANIAC FORCE scratches that metal itch with their new EP, titled Dead Planet, which is a beast of classic-sounding thrash.

Sure there's not much originality involved, but the songs are well written full-on attacks of sheer brutality and that's good enough for me, man. Maniac Force provides that good old-fashioned ass-kickin' that us old-school (and new school!) thrashers need to take from time to time.

Guitarist Cleiton Thrasher gallops out some competent riffage in addition to possessing a set of pissed-off vocal pipes that bring to mind a less-growling Chuck Schuldner.

Songs such as Dead Planet and Empire of Deceivers offer up straight-forward thrash metal that hits on all the quintessential prerequisites of the genre, doing so unabashedly.

Sometimes you want to leave the math metal alone for a while and destroy. Check out the goodies below and then hit up Maniac Force here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nuclear Omnicide release their title track!

I found myself with a tiny smidgen of time so I thought I'd let you all know that NUCLEAR OMNICIDE have released the title track to their upcoming EBM Records release.

The song is titled The Presence of Evil and it runs a freakin' marathon of pure thrash riffage, ranging from the slow, sick and brooding to the galloping stomp to headbanging ferocity. Mind you, this is all within the first two and a half minutes BEFORE the vocals even kick in!

Benny Raivio's vocals are absolutely sick, offering up a throaty deathrash that fits well with Nuclear Omnicide's venomous music. The music itself is tight and mean as hell. I can't wait to hear the full album!

Check it out below and then hit them up here.

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