about me

I don't have a cool bio ready to go yet, so until I write up something acceptable, here are a few points about me.

- I'm in my 30s and I grew up on 70s and 80s rock and metal.

- I am married with one daughter.

- Favorite non-thrash bands include old Deep Purple, Trapeze, Zeppelin, Clutch, Faith No More, Life of Agony, Alice in Chains, Agents of Oblivion, old G'N'R, Danzig, Scissorfight, and Pink Floyd.

- A few favorite metal bands include the Big 4, old Sepultura, Testament, Iron Maiden, Pro-Pain, Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., old Helloween, Overkill, Earth Crisis, Demon Hunter, Machine Head, Vio-Lence, AC/DC, Obituary, Jungle Rot, Death, Hatebreed, Cellador, and hundreds of other thrash, power, groove, hardcore, crossover, death, and traditional metal bands.

- A few favorite NWOTM bands include Demiricous, Municipal Waste, Dr. Living Dead, Lich King, Gama Bomb, Sworn Amongst, Violator, Blunt Force Trauma, Bonded by Blood, and Avenger of Blood just to name a few.

- I played in various metal bands throughout my teens and 20s.I was lucky enough to be in bands that opened locally for Clutch, Napalm Death, Overkill, Slayer, S.O.D., Hatebreed, Sevendust, Gwar, Unleashed, Spineshank, and a few others that have slipped my mind. It was an awesome time!

- I am a movie geek. I was big on 80s horror, but I'll freakin' watch anything.

- I love comics. Faves include the original run of Howard the Duck, Groo the Wanderer, Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel's Conan the Barbarian and Star Wars, and old Charlton horror comics.

- I played tons of Dungeons & Dragons back in my teen years. Geeky? Yes, but recently, like the NWOTM, there has been a resurgence in old-school RPGs (such as Labyrinth Lord) for which I wrote and published adventures.

- I am not a fat guy who lives in his elderly mother's basement.
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