Tuesday, July 19, 2011

speaking of thrash...

Pardon me, dear readers, this is not a real post. This is the wife of Mr. NWOTM speaking, I'm hijacking this blog because
1) Mr. Nowtm didn't log out (ugh. he never does) and
2) he needs to take out the trash. (baby, please. On your way way to work. Thank you. Don't forget.)

carry on now being all metal and evil and whatever else you guys are.

Mrs. Nwotm

PS: I know this post will be deleted anyway and half of you will throw rocks at me for saying this but I ♥ Dave Mustaine more than french fries but the man's voice annoys the living crap outta me. Had to say it.


  1. This is the real Mr. Nwotm.

    Yes, dear, I will log out from now on.

    Now check your Facebook to see what you said about my in-laws.

  2. Is she quoting Exodus? Cue up "Culling the Herd"... it's time to take out the trash ... the world's a big cesspit.

    Assuming that's the case, coolest spouse ever.

  3. Gogmagog sir,

    I so wish I was quoting Exodus - that would indeed make me the coolest spouse ever... hmm... and it might actually get mister Nwotm's attention. Ha. Thanks for the idea, I'll just make sure that all my notes to him are written in "lyrics".

    thank you,

    Mrs N

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVQccOB1YLs

    Sorry! just kidding, but i had to

  5. no anonymous, it's not so much p. whipped as it is:



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