Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incarnit ROCKS!

Sweden's INCARNIT, a band I posted about a while ago, have a new demo out and the songs keep getting better and better.

Incarnit does not produce "quick-fix" thrash, rather their songs are pieces of art that one must soak in and absorb. Not to say that the tunes do not rock, because although Incarnit don't prescribe to the 2-minute thrash stomp (and I love those kinds of songs, too), these guys know how to write and ride through on a killer riff with the best of 'em.

I still have a couple minor quibbles which mirror my previously made criticisms regarding Incarnit's earlier songs, but given the quality and promise of the new tunes, such faults are easily cast aside.

Songs such as the scorcher titled Fuck'em and the seven minute opus The Bleeding are my new favorites.

In fact, it was the sheer kick-ass nature of The Bleeding that had me sit down and write this post, because all metal fans need to hear this mid-tempo crusher. The intro creeps up like a Beatles-esque horrorshow, leading into a tight galloping riff that would make Mr. Hetfield jealous.

Incarnit plans to have the demo for sale soon. Meanwhile, you can listen to all their songs on their offical YouTube channel.

Check out The Bleeding below and then find Incarnit's Facebook page here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Ecopolis, Furia, Scythe, Collapse

Brutal and bad-ass, the San Jose, CA band ECOPOLIS harkens back to speedy bay area thrash mixed with a healthy dose of early 90's Florida death metal. Ecopolis has mastered the circle-pit verse and mid-tempo chorus slam. MAN, I love this stuff. Tight riffs and a brutal vocal bark rhythm that meshes with the music perfectly. Metal fans will not be disappointed!

Listen below and then Facebook Ecopolis here.

Ecuador's FURIA cranks out some pissed off deathrash with a touch of non-wankery tech added. As another band reaching into the late 80s/early 90s death and thrash metal inspirational pool, we are treated to haunting intros, neck-snapping tempos and intricate solos. Simply put, Furia plays killer thrash with a lot of atmosphere, giving each song a nice pinch of character.

Listen to their tune and then find out more here.

LA's thrashers SCYTHE plays undiluted ball-out thrash freaking metal. Solid riffs and the use of dynamics in both the guitar work and tempo changes keep Scythe's music interesting and skull-crushing! If you want a more detailed overview, go check out Lister Fiend's recent review over at the Skull Fracturing Metal Blog.

Then come back here, give a listen, and then Like 'em on Facebook.

Italy's COLLAPSE are just freaking killer. Their thrash is a crushing blend of crossover with Kill 'Em All riffage and Motorhead speed. If you're looking for some down and dirty thrash metal, then Collapse is the real deal.

Listen for yourself and then head over to their Bandcamp page where you can download their four song demo for FREE!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My journey to Insinnerator (music that grows on you)

What does Insinnerator's music have in common with Faith No More's Angel Dust, Ministry's The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, and Vio-Lence's Eternal Nightmare?

I did not like it when I first heard it.

Did. Not. Like it.

Before I get into why, let me offer another similarity between Insinnerator and the aforementioned bands: I now love 'em all. More on that later.

When I went back to my thrash roots last year, I had a lot of catching up to do. I poured over web pages dedicated to thrash metal, including band Facebook pages and forums such as Thrash Unlimited. Many band names seemed to reappear on blogs, reviews, and comments - the higher profile ones being Warbringer, Municipal Waste,Bold Toxic Holocaust, Lich King, Violator, etc.

When I dug deeper, hundreds of other band names floated around, in and out of the social media pages, and sometimes found their way into my iTunes. Most, however, were passed by. There's just not enough time!

One such name that continued to pop up was Insinnerator.

Like a ton of other bands I would like to check out (but do not have the time to sort through and absorb the music), Insinnerator simply fell through the cracks.

But they didn't disappear. As a testament to their loyal fans, I kept reading posts about these Texas thrashers. People seemed to freaking love them and had no problem using bandwidth to express that sentiment.

So, I did what any quasi-responsible blogger would do when faced with such evidence of pure bad-assery…I found a song online and clicked "play".

Now, let me take a quick break here and go back to those "aforementioned bands" and what initially turned me away from their music. It provides a bit of context, and let's face it - everyone has a few bands in their collection that they didn't like at first spin.

Faith No More-Angel Dust
Like many people, I was still riding The Real Thing wave when Angel Dust came out. I was a teen who liked the song Epic, but absolutely loved the album surrounding that radio classic opus.

Angel Dust came out of left field with a sound that was a 180-degree turn from the somewhat easy listening The Real Thing. At first listen, all the songs seemed to blend into one another. There was an underlying itch of chaos that served as a backlash to the previous album's popularity, and listening to it made me uncomfortable and a bit confused.

After repeated listenings, I eventually embraced the sadness, the filth, and the beauty that makes up Angel Dust. It reigns as one of my top 10 favorite non-thrash albums.

Ministry-The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
My friend purchased this based off a friend's recommendation. We put it on and couldn't make heads or tails of this "industrial" music. Granted, it was really our first time hearing such stuff, so our disdain for the album came from a lack of understanding. After all, it was heavy as hell, had killer riffs, and sick-ass vocals. What's not to love? Well, the music was produced in a way that was foreign to me. So I hated it…until...

I saw concert footage from the In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up video. The experience was raw, scary, and completely kick-ass. It was everything I enjoyed in my metal, so my level of understanding caught up, and Ministry became a favorite of mine.

Vio-Lence-Eternal Nightmare
I mentioned my journey with these guys before, so I won't go into much detail here. What I can say is that my problems with Vio-Lence sort of mirror the obstacles I had when first listening to Insinnerator.

So, back to my story. I found a song online and clicked "play". I could not get past the vocals. At the time, I couldn't get what the band were trying to do, and the way vocalist Ben worked the microphone was not my cup of tea.

I'd like to give a 20/20 visual of what I was thinking, but what happened was I simply stopped the song and Insinnerator was stuck onto the back burner of bands that didn't click with me. Since I generally do not write about what I do not enjoy, there was no reason to revisit them, right?

HA HA. Right.

Fast-forward a few months later. I get an email from Tom of Lich King (I'm such a name dropper) who asked if I've checked out Insinnerator, and that they are a great example of new thrash.

My mouth twisted as if I've just been asked to watch a marathon showing of Schumacher's Batman movies.

I told him that I heard some rough demos and had been waiting for some good recordings. Since they had a new album out, I then told Tom that I would give Insinnerator a listen that weekend.

That weekend I found a couple songs on YouTube, loaded them up and clicked "play".

After I listened, I wrote Tom an honest email. Here are some excerpts:

My God, I'm sorry, Tom, but Insinnerator really, really, really, really needs to find a vocalist. Their music is freaking good, but as a package, it is tough to get past the vocal delivery.

...HOWEVER! I have not seen them live and have read that they are a different beast in person. I still can't imagine the vocals working, even in a live setting.

One thing I dig about these guys (I follow them around the web here 'n' there) is that they seem to freaking LOVE playing music. They have a lot of heart and they pour it into what they do, but I wonder if that love has blinded them a bit.

I asked Tom if I was being a dick about it. He graciously said no, but gave a good defense in Insinnerator's favor, which simmered in my head for a few days. During those few days, I couldn't get Insinnerator out of my head. I would stream their available songs, catching bits and pieces that grabbed me, making my appreciation for not only the music, but also the vocals, to grow tenfold.

By the fourth day, I HAD to have Insinnerator's Stalagmite of Ice album. I couldn't just buy the download. No, I wanted the physical CD. In four freaking days, I went from cold to hot for this band and I couldn't wait to have their CD in my possession.

That speaks volumes about their music. Insinnerator truly does kick ass, vocals and all. It just took me a few listens and some understanding of their music to grasp it. Most good music takes a few spins to "get it" anyway.

The CD is in my car as I type this, making my trip to work more enjoyable. The album is copied in my iTunes at work, making the day go a bit faster.

Thanks, Tom for mentioning Insinnerator and getting me on track to becoming a big, fat fan. Also, a special thanks must go to Lister Fiend over at the Skull Fracturing Metal Blog, who has never been shy about his admiration for Insinnerator's music. We don't see eye-to-eye on everything (Testament RULES, Lister!), but I value his opinion a lot.

As I mentioned before, all of us have a few bands we now enjoy that we couldn't stand the first time we heard them. Sometimes it's hard to keep that in mind when faced with a band that is doing something different from what you or I consider "the norm".

Now that I'm finally done with this giant post, I'm gonna go thrash to some Warbringer! Well, after all, I was listening to Insinnerator all day at work! I need a break from them for about an hour.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MORiA ROCKS! Also, thanks for the FREE metal!

Score another for Reverbnation! While roaming the metal bands there, I found MORiA, a thrash/groove metal band from the Ukraine.

MORiA drive their songs in double bass drumming and e-string chugging, making it all heavy as a battleship full of rhinos. The dynamics between the thrash assault and the groove breakdowns are crushing!

Listen below, and if you like what you hear, head over to MORiA's Reverbnation page where you can download each of their killer songs...for FREE!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: SSS - Problems to the Answer

Problems to the Answer

Typically, with crossover thrash, one can think of old school punk-infused groups such as D.R.I. and Cryptic Slaughter, or newer bands such as Municipal Waste, In Defence, and Blunt Force Trauma. With these and other bands similar to their specific styles, some may tip closer to punk, some may mix more metal, and some will go straight-up hardcore.

However, in the case with SSS, as demonstrated on their most recent album Problems to the Answer, the scales tip every which way, from full-on punk, to hardcore, grind, and thrash metal. One song may be pure to one of these genres while the next may incorporate them all seamlessly, without stumbling or feeling disjointed, proving that SSS are the very definition of modern crossover.

For over 40 pummeling minutes, SSS tears through short and sweet numbers such as Birdshit and Laughing Leads to Crying. Just before the music risks stumbling into repetition of blazing beats and swift barks, SSS hits us with "longer" cuts such as the headbanging Eat Me Burn Me Drink Me, which main riff sounds like a killer 90s Napalm Death breakdown.

Those looking for a bit more riffage in their crossover can find monster and catchy guitar work in songs such as Tales Out of School and Dismantle the Dream.

To use a variety of genres and manage to give them a unified sound is SSS's best accomplishment as well as a testament to their abilities in writing a brand of heavy music that utilizes each of them to make Problems to the Answer a success.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Hell's Domain, Komatoz, Monolith, Arah Kiri

In their bio, HELL'S DOMAIN began back in 2007 when "two old buddies met after work to drink beers and to talk about the eighties." I'm assuming that the two buddies were not talking about Pac-Man Fever and John Hughes films, and judging by how bad-ass Hell's Domain's music is, I bet that the two friends were killer musicians as well.

All kidding aside, this Denmark thrash band creates some killer tunes with catchy thrash riffing.

Listen below and then find out more about them here.

Let's all head over to St. Petersburg and check out the madness of KOMATOZ! Blending thrash and death with a mixture of crushing and unusual riffs, this band rages like a city-destroying juggernaut. I love it!

If your speakers can handle it, listen to the two tracks below and then go to the Facebook page and download them for FREE!

Although MONOLITH are a recent discovery for me, this Winchester VA band have been cranking out heavy music since 1994. The three available streaming songs off their latest album "Four" incorporates traditional metal, groove, and death into their thrash metal. The quality of musicianship is top-notch, so if you like a little diversity in your metal, you might find yourself to be a MonoFan. Which would be a fan of Monolith, see?

Interested parties should listen below and then Facebook 'em here.

WOW, what an eclectic smorgasbord of sounds, even within songs less than two minutes in length. Malaysia's ARAH KIRI mixes, punk, grind, and thrash into compact pieces of musical genius. I sat here stunned at how these guys manage to throw in a bit of 70's soul when the tiny bit of clean vocals hit. However, none of these sounds are out of place in the music. ARAH KIRI are what I imagine Mike Patton would do had he started a "traditional" thrash group.

Listen and then go start a Reverbnation account to keep track of them here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VIOLENTOR absolutely freaking ROCKS!

I was going to save this write-up about Italy's VIOLENTOR for the Weekend Breakdown post, but I simply couldn't wait.

Gravelly and pissed, Violentor has their foot planted firmly on the rock 'n' thrash pedal, storming out like an avalanche of rabid badgers. Their music is a demolition derby of metal, punk and thrash that would make the most hardened Motorhead fan cry for joy.

Violentor's diesel-spitting vocals match the rolling guitar riffs and pounding drums, injecting the songs with an intensity that will rip your head off. Raw, fast, and harsh.

Listen below, like 'em on Facebook and if you really like Violentor, their self-titled album is available here from EBM Records.

speaking of thrash...

Pardon me, dear readers, this is not a real post. This is the wife of Mr. NWOTM speaking, I'm hijacking this blog because
1) Mr. Nowtm didn't log out (ugh. he never does) and
2) he needs to take out the trash. (baby, please. On your way way to work. Thank you. Don't forget.)

carry on now being all metal and evil and whatever else you guys are.

Mrs. Nwotm

PS: I know this post will be deleted anyway and half of you will throw rocks at me for saying this but I ♥ Dave Mustaine more than french fries but the man's voice annoys the living crap outta me. Had to say it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lenny Troo Frasher: Opinions

Reanimaniacs offering a Fistful of Thrash for free

Italy's crossover thrashers Reanimaniacs are playing like a summer Santa Claus and offering their first EP Fistful of Thrash for FREE!

Why should you care? Well first of all, it is FREE freakin' THRASH. If that isn't enough to motivate you, consider the opinion of one metal blogger (me), that the music is killer. However, I'll admit that I'm a tad biased since these guys write on their bio that they grew up on pizza, hardcore and splatter flicks - all a common bond between members that began as a force in forming Reanimaniacs ( Anyway, that kind of warms my old heart.

You know what else warms my heart? Free thrash.

Go here to learn more about the band and then go here to download Fistful of Thrash!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Slasher, Exarsis, Razorwyre, Horns of Moses

Modern thrash done right. Slasher from Brazil lace their songs with fast riffing and plenty of mid-paced crossover-tinged stomp. Although Slasher's influences come from the 80s gene pool of thrash, they are not a throwback band, opting to also incorporate the strengths of 90s and early 2000's metal.

Slasher's music is razor-sharp and mean as hell.

Listen below and check them out here.

For a more traditional thrash sound, we have Greece's Exarsis. Formed in the later part of 2009, Exarsis originally set out to play 80s thrash and have successfully remained true to that standard.

If you're looking for aggressive speed, gang vocals, jackhammer drums, and riffs that are full of old-school fire, give these guys a listen below and then check them out here.

Freaking fist-pumping METAL! Combining thrash/speed and traditional heavy metal, Razorwyre kick out raw, old-school tunes that smell of leather, spikes, and adrenaline-induced sweat.

From beginning to end, this is pure muscle-flexing heavy metal. Do these guys eat nails for breakfast?

Listen and then go to their website here to download their EP!

A couple of my favorite thrash bands come out of Johnson City, TN, so I had high hopes for Horns of Moses. Admittedly I am not a fan of the "blackened" sub-genre, but putting aside differences of lyrical topic appreciation, Horns of Moses can pound out some killer freaking death thrash.

This is pure angry metal with both sweeping and brutal riffs and drumming that is on the money.

Listen below and then Facebook 'em here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why the Half Price Books stores rule!

Just got back from Half Price Books with more treasure.

It used to be my one-stop shop for killer comic books. I actually found a handful of MINT 60s X-Men comics for about $1.50 each as well as the first 20 issues of the 70s Ghost Rider comics for $5. It still gives me chills. Enough comic geek talk. Just know that there are goodies to be found at the beloved HPB.

Within the last two weeks, I found the following:

On cassette: Artillery - Terror Squad/Fear of Tomorrow combo. Destruction - Cracked Brain. Gutted - Bleed For Us to Live. Sadus - A Vision of Misery.

On CD: Dark Angel - Decade of Chaos. dead horse - peaceful death & pretty flowers. DEMILICH - Nespithe. Pestilence - Spheres.

Cassettes were 50 cents each and the CDs were between $5-$6.

Good stuff. What sucks is that Half Price Books get "new" items in all the time, so I want to go almost every freaking day.

Anyway, just wanted to share and do a bit of bragging. If anyone out there has found some killer deals on music in the past, plug in a comment. I love reading those kinds of stories.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Thrash Hate Fail

The status of this actual Facebook page as of this writing.

It appears abandoned. I don't blame them.

Ditch the "Like Before Listen"

Many bands who post songs on various social networking sites have given web-wondering music fans a choice: If you click the button to "Like" our page (or become a "Fan" of the band page), then you may listen to our streaming songs.

The Like Before Listen option. Not a good idea.

It's not a good idea because with those who you are trying to network...well, they will skip your band. You see, for guys like me who have limited time while researching scores of bands on the web, I will generally skip a band who is adding an extra step in the streaming-song-listening-process and simply move on to the next group.

That sounds a bit petty, but consider that I will go through band after band after band who are all making their tunes available for streaming. A few I will like and most I will not. Out of the few I like, a handful will earn me clicking the "Like" or "Fan" button. After that, I try to offer up space on my blog for those bands that caught my ear.

I do not want to hit the "Like" or "Fan" button to hear a song I most likely will not enjoy just so that I have to go back and "UNlike" the band. It is a waste of time for me personally as a music blogger. Again, it might sound petty, but if I had to do that 20 or 30 times every time I am online researching, I would probably stop all together.

I completely understand why a band will want people to Like or Fan their pages. The more the merrier, and what band DOESN'T want big numbers of Fans?

However, requesting that someone "Like" a band before hearing the music is like getting paid before doing the work.

Imagine if I wrote a blog post but wouldn't let anyone read it unless they click "Follow" on Google or "Like" on my Facebook page. That would be silly, right? It would also suck since I would have a total number of zero readers if I implemented a Like Before Reading option.

So please forget the "Like Before Listen" option. Not only will it strengthen your chances of getting listened to by music bloggers, but also potential fans (some who absolutely despise Like Before Listen). Believe me that if a music fan finds your band interesting enough to give your songs a shot, he or she will most likely follow you if the music kicks ass.

And your music DOES kick ass, right?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

No time, but here's some thrash anyway!

Between vacation and family coming and going, I had no time to put together my newly created Weekend Breakdown post. This will probably happen more than once.

Well, I still can't let there be a completely thrash-less weekend here at the NWOTM Blog. Thrashlessness cannot stand, so here we have K.T.C.M. from Richmond, TX.

For fans of thrash with heaping amounts of crossover, K.T.C.M. will have no problem kicking the face off your head.

Now, since there is no time (except to thrash), check out their song below and then hit 'em up on Facebook or Reverbnation.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Interview with Tantara

Things are moving fast for Norway's newest thrash band Tantara. Since forming in 2009, they have self-released the critically accliamed Human Mutation EP in 2010, and are already in the recording stages of their new album.

Tantara's first full-length is bound to get metal fans talking since they landed the legendary Flemming Rasmussen to record and produce the album.

As busy as Tantara is at the moment, the guys graciously answered a few questions I emailed them regarding Human Mutation, recording the new album, and possible touring plans.

NOTE: When Tantara sent me back the answers to my questions, some were answered by the individual band members while most were labeled as answered by Tantara "in unity."

Tanara is: Fredrik Bjerkø - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Per Semb - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Stian Sannerud - Drums, Max Warnby - Bass

NWOTM Blog: Human Mutation is a fantastic thrash metal release. How has the fan response been since its release last year?

Per: We've got a lot of positive feedback, can't really think about any negative things being said actually! I was surprised of the positive feedback we got (mostly production-wise) when we first released the EP on CDBaby and later put the songs on YouTube. Since I mixed the whole album, I expected to get at least some complaints about the production.

We also got the EP reviewed on a pretty well-known Norwegian heavy metal homepage, and the fact that the reviewer gave us a bigger score than Exodus' latest release (Exhibit B) was very cool!

Another thing that's also been really, really cool is that some fans actually have covered our songs and put in on YouTube!

NWOTM Blog: As you get ready to record your new album with a batch of new songs, how do you think you have grown as songwriters?

Tantara: Since we started to make new songs after the EP was done, we've been more progressive so to speak. We try to stay away from the typical/cliché song structures (like intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-verse-chorus-end). We're also thinking more about musical climaxes in the song, taking care that the climax is not in the start so the song is going downhill from that. At least if there's a climax it's at the start, we make a bigger one later in the song!

NWOTM Blog: As you listen back to your music, what makes them uniquely Tantara songs?

Fredrik: Though question! The first thing that strikes me is that our songs never get "boring" in some sort of way. At least we feel that way, that there are no "dead spots" that can be found in a lot of other songs (not all, of course). That's a number one priority when we make songs - make things we like ourselves, and boring songs were you feel that "time stops" is something that we don't like. "Prejudice of Violence" is an good example - it lasts in 9 minutes and 30 seconds, and when it's done, you feel like its only been on for 4-5 minutes tops. Our album will probably be one of the longest thrash albums our there, roughly 60 minutes divided into 8 songs - and trust me, you won't get bored at any time, unless you're not into thrash - which in that case would've been understandable (haha).

NWOTM Blog: What is your recording schedule for the new album?

Tantara: First it was the pre-production a month before the recordig took place, and then we hit the studio last week! We've been tracking drums, which are soon to be done, as well as the guitars which we do right after the drum track is done. Later on we will put on bass, vocals and leads. The last days we'll mix it and do the mastering - and voila, it's done! 25 days in total (included days off in the weekends).

NWOTM Blog: Legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen is working with you on the new record. How did Tantara hook up with him?

Tantara: Well, legendary as he is, it wasn't hard to hook up with him! Fredrik just sent him a well written e-mail with a link to our myspace and asked if he was interested in recording and producing our album - and he was! He liked our songs, and I think that was a big part of his decision to go through with this. Even though a little money is in the picture, who wants to spend a whole month recording music they don't like at all? He also told us the other day that he rarely does metal records anymore, so we take that as a huge compliment that he wanted to do it with us! (Even though he later said; "But I made an exception for you guys" - with an sarcastic undertone.) Haha!

NWOTM Blog: I imagine that working with Rasmussen would be a dream for many thrash bands. What are your feelings about working with him?

Stian: We think that it is totally awesome to work with Flemming, especially for me, as I've been a huge fan of Metallica's 80's sound since the first I heard it. You know you'll get a quality when you're working with Flemming, at least sound and production-wise.

On the other hand he is a really down to earth guy, and a REALLY cool guy! He's like, 54 years old!? When we're hanging out with him, he's like a guy on our same age, loofing around and having a good time! The energy between us is so good, we've never expected it to be that way, it's just so awesome! There's always a joke around the corner, some laughing, or some shit-talking about other things we don't like, haha! At this point, we could've never thought of a better man to record an album with! It's just amazing.

NWOTM Blog: What expectations do you have for the new record?

Tantara: First of all, we hope that we get signed with a record label, so we don't need to have another self-release. The good thing to release things yourself is that you get the money for yourself, but if you want make physical copies and send it to your fans, it will cost a little after a while. If we get a record label behind us, we'll have get more publicity, and the chance for a tour outside of Norway is bigger.

NWOTM Blog: Are there touring plans in the immediate future? What places would you like to tour?

Tantara: We're in the planning stage of having a tour later this year, so we hope that'll work out! We need to promote our album well and hook up some new fans. It would've been awesome to actually play a gig were people actually KNOW our music! Most of the gigs we've played before have been in rock/metal-bars where no one has ever heard of us, which actually is good because it motivates us to kick their ass and make 'em like us - which almost everytime has turns out well! The last gig we played, lots of people bought our Human Mutation EP right away, and even wanted us to sign them! That's a pretty awesome feeling, it's makes you feel like you've made a big impression! But yeah, we're going to tour our asses off when we get the opportunity to do it, and we would love to travel around in at least Europe to do that! Touring the USA would've also been a huge dream!

NWOTM Blog: Any last words?

Tantara: Thanks to fans that support us and spreading the word about us! If it wasn't for you, we probably wouldn't grow this fast as a band as we have! Starting in the second half of 2009, performing for our first time in 2010, recording a EP at a local studio for 3 days the same year, and one year later record an album with mighty Flemming Rasmussen is just great! Thank you all, and hopefully we'll see you on tour not too far in the future!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ciementificio ROCKS!

I love finding stuff like this. Italy's Ciementificio take the joy of hard riff-rock, catchy avant-garde, sludge, death, and hardcore, cherry-pick the best parts and mix them into a crushing thrash machine.

I love all three of their available streaming tracks, but I really dig Zom-B. It sounds as if the stoner/doom band Trouble ditched the clean vocals and went thrash. The other songs offer their own characteristics, from sing-along crossover to left-field riffage, they are all made strong with an aggressively fun vibe and intelligent dynamics.

Ciementificio's songs are refreshing and will literally be ear candy for those looking for something different in their metal. I want to learn Italian just so I can scream along.

Check out all three tunes below and then hit them up on Facebook!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Unhoped ROCKS!

I was not going to blog until sometime next week, but I just came across a band called Unhoped from Varkaus, Finland and had to add this quick post.

Simply put, Unhoped crushes with their brand of fast and brutal thrash. Unhoped's songwriting uses many ingredients in speed and mid-paced dynamics to create musical beasts that bring to mind the best aspects of Kreator and Slayer.

There's not much more to add here. If you like this style of thrash, there is no reason in the world why Unhoped won't assault you with a satisfying sonic punch to your gut.

Do yourself a favor and check out their two available songs below and then do the band a favor and go "Like" them on Facebook.

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