Saturday, August 27, 2011

Legionary ROCKS!

Those of you who who were (or are) fans of the early 90s death metal explosion need to sit up and take notice. New York's LEGIONARY take a chunk of the early Florida death and mix in some late 80s thrash to create some killer face-ripping metal.

There are a ton of crushing, chugging, and rolling riffs in each song, but it isn't all Suffocation or Origin-like insanity. Sure, you are treated to occasional blast beats, but Legionary makes sure there is plenty of room for some straightforward headbanging riffs and tempos. Needless to say, Legionary's music is freakin' heavy as hell and I can't stop jamming to it.

Helping the music hit the mark is the production on Legionary's demo recording, which is clear and tight. With such attention to detail to their song craft as well as it's execution shows that Legionary are as serious about kicking your ass as they are taking themselves to the next level. What's the next level? Let's keep an eye on them and find out. I know I will.

Check out the two available songs below and then catch them here on Facebook and Reverbnation.


  1. Officially sitting up, taking notice. Fucking killer.

  2. I didn't know I like death metal.Apparently You can teach an old dog a new trick. However I still think that I need my death to be seasoned with thrash to be enjoyable. And Legionary is doing this. Great tunes


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