Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ENVY from California! Where are you? You ROCK!

Okay, maybe I suck at using search engines or something, but I cannot find any substantial info on the San Pedro, CA band called ENVY.

Luckily, I checked out a thread over at the beloved Thrash Unlimited that has one of their songs posted titled A Ring of the Bell.

The recording is rough as hell, but shining through the grainy haze of the audio playback is Envy's genius for writing the absolute most killer Megadeth-inspired thrash metal I've ever heard.

The RIFFS, man. Awesome. The song structures, the dynamics, the solos, and the vocals - it's all there just WAITING to be hammered onto a quality recording for all of us to enjoy.

As far as more material from these guys, there are a few live rehearsal available, but the song I'm posting here is the best we seem to have so far.

Check it out below and then if you want more…well, you're on your own until ENVY makes themselves more easily accessible. I imagine that will happen in the very near future. I hope!


  1. I heard of them yesterday and I was blown away. Glad you reviewed it.

  2. One of the most creative and memorable riffings i've heard in a while, reminds me a bit of the swiss riff wizards Coroner and the russian tech-thrash band Aspid, this stuff absolutely needs to get discovered.

  3. I'm jamming with them

  4. they have a youtube channel if you didn't know already. and i agree, they're amazing.

  5. 3rd commenter: You're jamming with them as in listening to their stuff, playing a gig with them, or you are actually in the band?

    Greg: Thanks for the link!

  6. Im playing drums


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