Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Weekend Breakdown with Condition Critical, Silent Supremacy, Possessor

There will be a severe lack of posts for the next few days as I hang out with family and help celebrate my dad's birthday. It will be a great weekend.

However, your weekend will feel less complete since there will be no Weekend Breakdown post, right? Wrong! Never fear, dear readers and angry thrashers - I can't let the whole week go by without pimping out a least a couple kick-ass bands.

Soooooooo, here we go!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, you've seen Dayton, NJ's CONDITION CRITICAL plastered all over the metal blogs and forums. With good reason, too! Condition Critical a freaking monster of a band. A literal war of sound that attacks with fast and chunky riffs, sick vocals, and drums that strengthen the dynamics to deadly perfection.

All this thrashy goodness is exemplified in the following track titled Time Wave Zero. So check it out and then head over to their Facebook page to download their future classic thrash demo for fah-REEEE!

Do you like stomping riffs and killer gang vocals? Well, yeah ya do! Enter Southampton's SILENT SUPREMACY. I pimped these guys a couple days ago on my Facebook page, but in case you missed it, I needed to post about them on the ol' NWOTM Blog.

According to their bio, Silent Supremacy began "out of shared enjoyment of jamming assorted Warbringer songs, writing fast riffs and shouting aggressive, often gore-laden lyrics."

Not all of their riffs are fast, mixing in a dose of mid-tempo chugs and hanging power chords to keep the dynamics interesting. Also, Silent Supremacy has an obvious old-school death metal influence added to the sound, which freakin' rules (in my opinion).

Listen and love it. Afterward, visit them on Facebook here and snatch up their songs for free.

Although they command it in their song Hammer and Nails, I'm not handing my soul over to satan, but I know good thrash when I hear it. Virginia's POSSESSOR is absolutely pure, no bullsh*t, evil thrash metal, charging out with epic raspy vocals, blistering tight guitar work, and marathon-like drumming behind the kit.

Possessor's music is dripping in old-school insanity, raging like a hurricane of flesh-scorching fire. Man, I'd like to see these guys live.

Although I don't share their lyrical passions, Possessor's music is crushing metal and they have one of the best logos in the NWOTM, next to Lich King.

Listen below and then Facebook them here.


  1. why do i love your blog so much? uhhh, wait! now you're no1 new thrash researcher!!!

  2. Thanks, Vlad! It's all about spreading the word. I just hope people find music they like while cruising my blog! \m/

  3. Thanks for Posting up Possessor!


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