Monday, August 8, 2011

I forgot that I saw Demolition Hammer in concert

Yes, I forgot that I saw Demolition Hammer live.

That may sound strange, especially now that DH is such a revered band with albums that are considered thrash cannon. However, in my defense, I was going to a LOT of shows during that time, and usually there were three or more bands playing per gig. Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle...and I didn't even drink.

This past weekend, my brain had been exposed as the blundering forgetful mass of pudding that I never knew it to be. I was with my friend Kevin, who went to many of those shows with me back in the day, and I mentioned how awesome it was that we saw the band Cancer during their 1992 US tour.

Kevin said, "Yeah I remember that. Demolition Hammer was bad ass."

Everything got quiet. I looked up at Kevin with a quizzical look. He looked back at me. "What?"

"Demolition Hammer?" I asked.

"Yeah," Kevin said. "They opened the show."

"WHAT?" I asked, wide-eyed. I shook my head. "No, no. I'm talking about the Deicide show when Cancer opened."

"Yeah, and Demolition Hammer opened the whole show," said Kevin.

My memory kicked in and my heart sank a little. I suddenly remembered that the line up truly did include Demolition Hammer as the openers. I frantically tried to assemble the events of that night 19 years ago.

I remembered Cancer's set and getting their autograph on my copy of Death Shall Rise.

I remember Deicide's set and my friend Kevin trying to get Benton's autograph after the show. Benton signed ONE dude's CD and then said loudly, "Alright, that's all," and walked away. Kevin stood there, holding out his CD booklet as Benton turned and headed toward his bus. Kevin then said boldly (and angrily), "F*ck this guy!"

So, yes, I remember all that, but for the life of me, I still cannot remember Demolition Hammer.

I pulled out the old ticket stub that I have tucked away inside the Cancer CD booklet. There it is: Demolition Hammer. How can I not freaking remember these guys playing?!

Admittedly, back in '92 they were a new band (to me) and at that concert I had my eyes set to see Cancer. So at the time, the opening band was just in the way of me seeing one of my favorite death metal bands.

Get that? Demolition Hammer was "in the way." As in, "Hurry, whoever you are, so I can see Cancer."


I feel sick now even typing this.

In light of this, I need to dig out my old ticket stubs to see if I have any other brain farts preventing me from remembering killer concerts I've attended way back when.

Hold on.

Yep. I don't remember seeing Epidemic open the Unleashed show I attended back in '93.



  1. Infectious Hospital WasteAugust 8, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    Too bad there's no decent recordings of them playing live, most of the recorded live stuff sounds like black metal demos processed through an answering machine. Demolition Hammer is overall probably my favorite thrash band ever, pure bludgeoning thrash metal.

  2. You know, I wanted to see EVERY BAND that played at a concert, unless I already seen them and thought they sucked.

    Many others back then,and today still, have that attitude of "forget the opening band".

    Pretty gay only after a band gets more well known or talked about in mags or played on the radio, is when the majority at undeground shows finally pay attention.

  3. True. Sadly, I had that attitude back then - not really "forget the opening band" so much as "I only want to see the band I know." I've been to plenty of concerts back in the day where I only WANTED to see the opening band. :)

    Ah, well, I had to learn from my mistakes.


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