Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Malice's Wake ROCKS!

You gotta hand it to Australia's metal titans IN MALICE'S WAKE because they offer a wall-of-sound assault to kick the ass of any appreciative thrash fan.

I love this stuff! Relentlessly driving riffs move along the song structures to provide a catchy and brutal landscape for the pounding drum rolls and forceful vocals.

If that's not poetic enough to describe the intensity of IMW's music, then I will add that they will kick in your freakin' FACE.

Shaun Farrugia's crushing vocal delivery is a high point for me, reminding me of a cross between Entombed's Petrov and the deathrash version of Chuck Billy.

In Malice's Wake have two releases under their belts (Eternal Nightfall and The Thrashening) and have recently secured worldwide distribution through EMB Records, so be on the lookout.

Or just look below for a couple of my favorite IMW tunes and then check out their Facebook page here.

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