Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Savagery, Nuclear Torment, Desertor, Six In Line

Chicago, IL thrashers SAVAGERY planted their roots in 2008 as a cover band, but eventually evolved into writing and recording gut-punching thrash metal! Special note needs to be taken of vocalist Braulio Correa who will throw the occasional lyrical emphasis with a quick inhuman scream that is so freaking cool that it actually elevates the already killer music up another notch.

Listen below, Facebook them here and then download their entire seven song demo here…for FREEEEEEEEE!!!! Thanks, Savagery!

These four young metalheads from Sweden play some of the best teeth-grinding, fist clenching, ass-kicking, brand of f*ck you thrash I've heard in a while. Sure NUCLEAR TORMENT offer it with some tongue-in-cheek lunacy, but that doesn't lessen the aggression. It's crossover about headbanging, moshing and chewing bubblegum.

Listen, and then visit their Facebook page where you can download their two available songs for free.

Brazil's DESERTOR plays hardcore/crossover that is fast and tough as nails. Although Desertor's earlier efforts leaned more on the punk side, especially on the vocals, the latest batch of songs treads right into death metal territory (again, especially on the vocals). On the whole, these guys are intense, fast and aggressive, just how I like 'em!

Listen to the short but sweet example below and then head over to their MySpace page to hear all the rest!

Up from the hellish gutters of grime and bloody knuckles we find Sweden's SIX IN LINE. A rough 'n' tough mix of metal, punk, and thrash 'n' roll, these guys remind me of a thrasher version of the mountain man rock gods Scissorfight, complete with occasional bluesy riff and vocals full of sand. I love it!

Check it out, and if you're down then hit up Six In Line on Facebook.


  1. In my opinion NUCLEAR TORMENT won this! They absolutely kicked some emo ass!


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