Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Sword of Judgement, 4arm, Snyper Target, Enemigo

Special thanks goes to Alexander Dinesen for pointing me toward a band that is SO FREAKING METAL it's scary. Seattle, WA's SWORD OF JUDGEMENT is refreshingly unabashed in their brand of power thrash, writing epic riffs that could muffle an earthquake. The musicianship is stellar, the production is clean and professional, and the songs are shredding slices of sonic metal that teeter on cataclysmic proportions.

I'm including all three of their available streaming songs below, and after you listen go over to their Facebook page and download them for free! SWORD OF JUDGEMENT!!!!!


Pissed and aggressive, Australia's 4ARM mixes assaulting thrash metal with a dash of groove. Danny Tomb's vocals dance perfectly over the barrage of non-stop riffage, going from the classic thrash bark to a more Anselmo-like drawl. 4arm cranks out some tough freaking metal, bound and determined to kick your ass.

Check out the two tracks below and then Facebook 'em here.


I have come across so many bands recently that offer little to zero information about themselves. I'll find a song or two that I like and the rest is a mystery. Such is the case with Colombia's SNYPER TARGET. The one song they have available for streaming titled The Recipe for Chaos shows that they have the potential to be a thrash powerhouse.

The song brings to mind Arise-era Sepultura mixed with streamlined east coast thrash. It's short, heavy, and killer. Hey, guys in Snyper Target! More songs and a little bit of info on you, please!

Listen to the tune below and then you can check up on them on Reverbnation.


A sick blend of thrash and melodic death metal, Venezuela's ENEMIGO play it straight without a ton of tech math. The songs are good and are given a boost with a recording of razor sharp production. The fretwork is tight, the solos are well done and the galloping riffs crush.

If this is your type of metal, listen below, check them out at Reverbnation, and then go here to download their entire demo for FREE!

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