Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maniac Force ROCKS!

The supreme kick-ass volunteer thrash researcher Luuk Hoogland clued me in to yet another thrash gem. Brazil's own MANIAC FORCE scratches that metal itch with their new EP, titled Dead Planet, which is a beast of classic-sounding thrash.

Sure there's not much originality involved, but the songs are well written full-on attacks of sheer brutality and that's good enough for me, man. Maniac Force provides that good old-fashioned ass-kickin' that us old-school (and new school!) thrashers need to take from time to time.

Guitarist Cleiton Thrasher gallops out some competent riffage in addition to possessing a set of pissed-off vocal pipes that bring to mind a less-growling Chuck Schuldner.

Songs such as Dead Planet and Empire of Deceivers offer up straight-forward thrash metal that hits on all the quintessential prerequisites of the genre, doing so unabashedly.

Sometimes you want to leave the math metal alone for a while and destroy. Check out the goodies below and then hit up Maniac Force here.

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