Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free metal! Extinction ROCKS!

Just a quick post to steer you in the way of more free metal!

Here we have California's deathrashers EXTINCTION who recently released their EP titled Skull Island! SKULL ISLAND, man!

Extinction specialize in death-soaked thrash with peppered hints of traditional metal. The opening riff to their tune Acid Bath is a freakin' genius instrumental, flying the flag of the all-out metal jam. Another song My Axe of Torture rides the edges of moshable polka beats and Six Feet Under style grooves.

I dig Extinction, and you can too...for FREE! Check out the tunes below and if you find them scratching your deathrash itch, download 'em here. Much thanks to Extinction for making the tune available!

Facebook Extinction here.


  1. EXTINCTION is pretty damn good! I was a little leary because you labeled it Death/thrash. That's usually hit or miss with me.

    Not only does it sound totally old school, the production adds to it as well.(Not that it's sub-par, or shitty), it just has that old school sound all the way around.

    I love the snare sound in the songs. It is right there in your face. The guitar riffs in Skull Island remind me of Obituary. I forget which song?

    Man Awesome Chicken, I'm really diggin this stuff. Straight thrash music, with gut wrenching death vox. I think the vocals remind me of Brutal truth, or maybe Entomed... And a free download too!!

  2. Thanks for the post, Jaason! Glad you dig as much as I do. \m/

  3. Damn this is sick! To think i went to high school with one of these guys is unbelievable. Can't wait till next time im up in the valley i can hit up one of their shows


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