Thursday, June 14, 2012

Conflagrator releases a new EP and it freakin' ROCKS!

 Swedish thrashers CONFLGRATOR have returned with an outright killer EP titled Inevitable Punishments.

The three song release takes everything I liked about this band and kicks it up a notch. One thing working in Conflagrator's favor is their willingness to ride a killer riff. I love it when a band can hit a sweet spot with a riff and just let it breathe for a while. Conflagrator are not afraid of a drawn-out build to their songs. The builds are far from boring, injecting each tune with character before vocalist Isak Koskinen Rosemarin storms in with his rough energetic set of pipes.

Rosemarin sounds like a pro here. He doesn't overindulge, preferring vocals that are well placed, dynamic and powerful.

Guitarist Alex Fotiadis has outdone himself on the new songs. His solos are well thought out, flying over the songs' sweeping and churning rhythms.

Inevitable Punishments is a tight, mean, son of a bitch of epic thrash metal. Right now the EP is streaming on the band's Facebook page. As of this writing, the band has promised an update of how to obtain a physical copy in the coming days and I would more than recommend picking it up once it becomes available for purchase.

Check out the tunes here.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent stuff! Your review is spot on, crazy thrash..... A lot of talent here. I'm gonna get this ASAP.....


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