Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preview song from Unhoped!

UNHOPED, the bad-ass thrash metal masters from Finland have offered up a preview to the follow up of their stellar album Die Harder.

The preview is a "rehearsal" track titled Eternal Infernal, and it freakin' SLAYS. The tune blends speedy death and thrash, brimming with tight riffs and stinging vocals. If the rest of the upcoming songs are as good as Eternal Infernal, than Unhoped will unleash one hell of a monster album.

Although this preview if just a "scratch" track, it sounds raw and mean which I believe is a product of a quick and fast production and overall hunger emanating from the band. I was informed that Unhoped will begin "serious recording" of the new material in October, so I hope they are able to bottle whatever the hell they are doing in their rehearsals and make it work for the upcoming release.

Check out the tune below and then hit the band up here.

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