Sunday, August 26, 2012

Internal Corrosion ROCKS!

If you're looking for Bay Area-style thrash with bits of crossover, check out the fist-pounding metal mayhem of California's INTERNAL CORROSION. Chunky gallops bound with killer metal riffage and vocals that sound nearly identical to Aversion's Christian Fuhrer has netted me in as someone who thinks this music completely rocks.

Yes, many out there in grumpy-pants land could label Internal Corrosion as just another unoriginal thrash band, but there are too many parts in their music that absolutely shine, making these guys bona fide genre ass-kickers.  Hector, Internal Corrosion's vocalist/guitarist, has a dynamic voice that is freakin' perfect for heading a thrash metal band. On top of that, the guitar solos are great, the rhythm is tight as hell, and the production on the available songs I've heard is stellar. I love it!

Listen to what Internal Corrosion has to offer below and then hit them up here.

1 comment:

  1. This is actually pretty good. I don't hear much crossover, this reminds me of very early Thrash when there was still a lot of Rock/Metal influence in the sound. It may be the primitive vocal patterns that have you thinking that. nevertheless, this is good stuff.


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