Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Insanity Alert's video for Glorious Thrash!

A few months ago I posted about Austria's killer crossover thrashers INSANITY ALERT and their hilarious parody song Run to the Pit.

Now these guys have released a video for their tune Glorious Thrash. It's a rather simple video, but one that I absolutely love because the setting reminds me of what my old band practice space looked like (although theirs is a LOT cleaner). They just need a dirty, beer-soaked couch in the corner for their friends to burn cigarette holes into.

The song itself is a speedy, mosh-worth slab of thrash…Glorious Thrash, that is. WOOOOO!

Check out the tune. if you dig it, well then, Insanity Alert have made their demo available as a FREE freakin' download!

How glorious!

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