Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Unhoped - Die Harder

Die Harder

After stumbling upon Finland's UNHOPED on the ever reliable Reverbnation web site, I have been keeping them in the corner of my eye. I was originally impressed by their brutally harsh brand of thrash and gave them a positive write-up here. I couldn't wait for their new full length release!

Finally, Unhoped unleashed their new album Die Harder, and it packs even more of a punch than I had anticipated.

The opening track Entering a World of Pain is a short and slow riff laden instrumental that uncoils like a snake about to unleash a furious strike. That strike hits with the next track Shattered Shield, injecting a bite of venomous metal that continues to rage until the album's final track.

The riffs and song structures bring to mind early Grave peppered with Slayer. Even the production hints at early Swedish death metal without the sludge. In fact, the production is impressive, gathering the killer tight riffing, spot-on drums, and lethal vocals into slabs of hard-pounding murderous metal.

Unhoped writes songs that range from all-out thrash to headbanging groove, put together with riffs that both shred and hook into your brain. With tunes such as the catchy Art of War (Written in Blood) as well as the harsh and mosh-worthy Consumed, fans of aggressive metal will find something to grab onto within Unhoped's roster of solid metal tracks.

Check Unhoped out on their Facebook page here. To purchase a copy of Die Harder, go here.

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