Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kremated's video - Thrash Ain't Dead!

Here is South London's own KREMATED and their killer love letter to thrash metal - the new video Thrash Ain't Dead and it freakin' crushes!

If you don't know about Kremated, here is the description taken right off their Facebook page (because I am too lazy to form my own write-up today):

“Combining a genuine love of 1980’s underground Thrash Metal with a touch of East Coast Hardcore and old school Crustpunk, this is a no holds barred pissed off full frontal attack, and very pit-friendly, spanning the gaps between full-tilt Speed Metal, dirty beatdowns and punk rants. Imagine Exodus, Bulldoze and The Exploited having a punchup at Celtic Frost's rehearsal space."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Kremated is all-out fun, so check out the vid below and hit them up here and here.


At least it better not be. After all, I have this blog to maintain and update.

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