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THRASHLINE! Thrash news and music featuring Dr. Living Dead, Global Thrash Assault, Nuclear Devastation, and MORE!

Hey, let's talk METAL in an all-new info-laced THRASHLINE post!

So we have less than a week before LICH KING drops their new album Born of the Bomb. Speaking as a fan of the King's previous albums, the new stuff they previewed has surpassed my expectations. If you've heard the tunes Combat Mosh or the already-classic-in-my-book We Came to Conquer, then you know what I'm yapping' about. Catchy, riff-tastic old-school thrash METAL! I'm really excited to hear the rest of this album.

Pre-order this beast here. Tell Lich King I said, "Hi!"

My brother-in-blog over at the GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT is in the final stages of unleashing their first thrash compilation album titled Wreck Your Neck! The complete track listing has not been released as of this writing, but so far the project looks more than promising.

Tom Martin, of the aforementioned band Lich King provided the killer cover art.

As a side note, the love and dedication Global Thrash Assault puts into our favorite genre of metal is outstanding. Admittedly I am a little envious of the amount of posts the blog cranks out on a regular basis, and now a freakin' compilation album to help spread to word! Love it!

Keep your eye on them here and here for future details on the album (as well as an onslaught of comments and reviews on your favorite bands).

Sooooo have we all been keeping tabs on the mighty DR. LIVING DEAD and their upcoming album Radioactive Intervention? It's no secret that I'm a slobbering fan of their debut album and can hardly believe that a new one is on the horizon.

The album is supposed to drop sometime in November, so I would expect to hear a sample of the new stuff SOON, PLEASE…just to satisfy my insatiable thirst for all things Dr. Living Dead. At least we have the new album art. Nice! Other details on the new album can be found here.

If you've been living under a rock, check out their Thrashing the Law EP below and then buy their self-titled debut album!

From what I understand, Greece's thrash titans BIO-CANCER are still on the lookout for a new guitarist. Man, I am rooting for these guys to find the right person for the job because this HAS to be done right. Why? Because I absolutely LOVE their debut album Ear Piercing Thrash. The riffage on that album has a very specific sound that gives Bio-Cancer a unique voice in thrash metal.

I know the guys in the band are serious about their music and won't just hand the guitar duties to some riffless wonder, but the guy who steps in had better understand what makes Bio-Cancer kick so much ass.

Meanwhile, I'll try not to worry about it (too much) and just put my trust into the Bio-Cancer camp.

California's ATTACKHEAD will be playing the freakin' HELL and HEAVEN METAL FESTIVAL in good ol' Guadalajara, Mexico! But instead of me wasting my precious lifeblood writing all about it, why don't I just copy and past the press release?

"Southern California thrash metal band Attackhead has announced plans to perform at Hell and Heaven Metal Fest in Guadalajara Mexico on Oct 27th. 

Hell and Heaven Metal Festival is currently the only open air metal festival in Mexico. The Festival is dedicated to metal, but tries to balance genders like: Heavy, Glam, Metalcore, Thrash, Speed, Death, Black and Industrial metal. The festival had its first edition in October 2010 with three stages and 40 bands. In 2011, the promoters exceeded an 20,000 audience and have confirmed 57 international performing artists. This year’s line up will include Attackhead as well as headliners Anthrax and Heathen.

Additionally, Attackhead will be available in Guadalajara Mexico for a Meet and Greet on Friday afternoon sponsored by Metal Mexico.

Singer and lead guitarist Mark Chapman said “This will be our first time in Mexico and we are very excited to get down there and perform for our fans”.   Attackhead is promoting their latest release “Voices in the Dark – Second Attack” which was remixed/mastered and released in August 2011. The album was also released on classic vinyl in February 2012."

Well, that's awesome, right? For more details check out Attackhead here and H&H Fest here.

Hey! Listen to some Attackhead songs!

Yeah! Luuk H. reminded me that NUCLEAR DEVASTATION have a couple new songs available for your listening pleasure! If you don't know about these guys, here is where I gushed about 'em on this very blog. The new tunes, MetalPunkDeathSquad and Stench of Death are from Nuclear Devastation's split 7" with PRIMAL ORDER, and both are raw and sick as hell.

Check out the songs below (together in one vid), and then check out the band here.

I don't know what they scream about and I can't read anything on their Facebook page, but Indonesia's FRAGOR kicks all kinds of ass. Plus, their two available songs are posted for FREE download! Check them out here and grab their tunes.

Those sick bastards VIOLENTOR are getting closer to the November release of their new album titled Rot. As a big fan who has Violentor's debut consistently in my album-listening rotation, I have high hopes for the new one (which I assume will also be released via EBM Records).

The band has graciously released a few song previews for us all to enjoy. Check them out below and keep up with the band here.

Tennessee's own PARALYZER are on the search for a new drummer. They have been looking for quite a while, and apparently nothing has gelled, so how about any of you thrash drummers out there looking for a gig? Local to the area? Willing to relocate? Living in Antarctica? Whatever! Check out their stuff below and hit them up here.

I know I pimped out the new Sewercide track off the upcoming 7" split they are doing with RANDOMORDER. So let's flip the album over and listen to Randomorder's tune Resurrection! Great band, great song!


  1. Killer post, man! Thanks for the shout out as well!

  2. No problem, man! I can't wait to check out the compilation! \m/


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