Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weekend Breakdown with Serpent Crown, Aggravator, and Meathook!

I haven't had a new Weekend Breakdown post in a while, so let's kick one out early this time.

Also, let me add that if you have some time, make sure to comb through the rest of this blog and check out the ton of bands I have featured over the last couple of years. Sure you might not like all of 'em, but I guarantee there will be a couple gems in there that are destined to grab you by the throat. That's why you're here, right?

Right! Let's get on with it!

Eeriness abound, we have the three piece thrash-influenced metal outfit called SERPENT CROWN. This San Francisco based band boasts a terrifying sound built from the driving riffs and otherworldly screams from guitarist/vocalist Dara Santhai. Current Death Angel drummer Will Carroll keeps the mass of fuzzed-out thrash rock on track.

Serpent Crown may not be traditional thrash metal, but they definitely have the thrash DNA weaved into their music, which also blends in small amounts of hardcore over the outpouring of heavy, atmospheric rock. Completely bad-ass.

Dara's vocals are both harsh and spectral at once, injecting a haunting characteristic into the music that carries her voice like a magic carpet that is destined for the abyss.

Heavy, fast, and at times, unearthly, one must check out more than one song to get a grasp of what they are offering.

Listen to their tunes below and then hit them up here.

Now let's head on over to San Antonio, Texas to check out the brutality of old-school thrashers AGGRAVATOR! Influenced by Kreator, Venom, and Slayer (aren't we all?) these guys hammer out blistering thrash with traces of death metal.

The songs are well thought out with bursts of speed and pure headbanging fury. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Derek Jones is freakin' killer, spewing forth a sound like a thrashier Schuldiner/John Tardy mix.

Jesse Lopez's guitar solos are well-placed, sounding clean, killer, and purposeful to the music.

Well done! I'd love to see these guys live.

For now, however, I have to jam out to their tunes below and you should, too! Afterward, go tell 'em hi on Facebook.

Let's get into some Canadian crossover with the thrashin' styling of MEATHOOK!

With their album Hymns of the Divine Drunks, we are treated to unabashed party/beer/pizza thrash that has no problem kicking the asses of fans that dig this spectrum of the thrash machine.

The music is fast and loose, with some kicking metal and punk riffage throughout. Beyond what one would expect from Meathook's brand of thrash, there are definitely bursts of sick genius to be found, such as in the songs Scumbum and Fat Kid on the Toilet.

Check out their tunes below, have some drunk, thrashing fun, and then visit Meathook here.

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  1. Meathook is hilarious... and awsome \,,/


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