Friday, September 14, 2012

New thrash videos from Exarsis and JackDevil!

Here are a couple new thrash videos for all you freaks who require a little eye candy to go with your metal!

First we have Toxic Terror from the Greek thrashmasters EXARSIS! This tune comes out with all guns blazing, kicking out a full-throttle thrash assault that should bring pleasurable pain to the ears of thrash fans everywhere.

Alex's vocals might be an acquired taste, but I think he is freakin' awesome as he simple KILLS it here. Look for Toxic Terror to be included on Exarsis's upcoming album The Brutal State!

Check out the vid and hit the band up here.

Next we have the riff-hammering thrash of Brazil's own JackDevil. Their song Under the Metal Command is a speedy mass of blazing guitar hooks and headbanging bliss! JackDevil has a knack for writing some catchy and brutal thrash metal.

Watch and thrash out to the video below and then keep up with them here and here.


  1. I'm the guitarist and vocalist of the band JACKDEVIL here in Brazil and I was very grateful to see that you guys made ​​the disclosure here by our work.United for Thrash Metal and Under the Satan Command here we go brothers.
    Greetings from your friends brazilian thrashers!


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