Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ultra-Violence ROCKS!

YEAAHHHH!!!! Here I painfully sit with a size 18 footprint planted on my ass from Italian-made boots worn by the unruly thrash band ULTRA-VIOLENCE.

These Italian metal men have forged heaping masses of bludgeoning aggressive music that is skillfully played and surprising in its dynamics.

The crushing riffage and manic rhythms bring to mind a cross between Havok and Warbringer, while injecting original moments of atmosphere and unpredictability between the thrashing insanity.

The song Frustration of Soul demonstrates these moments with highlights from bassist "Robba" Dimasi that fades into what normally would be a typical breakdown, but instead turns into a headbanging shout-along.

All members of Ultra-Violence shine in their music. Vocalist Loris Castiglia has a lethal delivery and Andrea Vacchiotti's solo work is as clean as it is furious. Drummer Simone Verre is simply amazing, working as the fuel to propel this engine of pounding madness.

Check out the tunes below and then go tell 'em "hi" on Facebook or Reverbnation.

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