Monday, September 17, 2012

I went to see Accept and Kreator and all I got was a kick-ass metal show!

The Teutonic Terror Attack concert with ACCEPT and KREATOR. Man, I was so close to not going to this concert.

The answer as to "WHY?!?" is rather stupid, considering I have never seen either Accept or Kreator live in concert, and living in Kansas, I figure there might not be too many other opportunities to see these bands…especially at the same show.

So, the reason I almost decided to forgo a night of pure metal insanity stems from the fact that I hate going to concerts alone.


But dammit, this IS the Teutonic Terror Attack concert, so I had to man up and not allow the fact that all my former concert-going sidekicks either moved away or no longer go to concerts deter ME from having a good time. Man, getting old might suck, but I ain't gonna let it TOTALLY suck, you know?

The place had a healthy crowd, and by the time Accept hit the stage, the audience was ready to freakin' ROCK. Accept did not disappoint, crushing us with Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Stalingrad, Bucket Full of Hate, and Up to the Limit, among many others.

These guys were have FUN, and I love watching a band enjoy themselves on stage. Accept kicked my ass hard, and I was rocking out even though I knew I had to save some energy for Kreator (I told you getting old sucks).

So then it happens.

Accept finishes and then at least a quarter of the audience clears out of the club and goes the f*ck home. Argh! Now I know that some of the old-school Accept listeners come from a different world than the underground extreme thrash scene, but come ON. I just hated to see the crowd thin out like that before Kreator, a legendary metal band in their own right, hits the stage.

Mille and company probably took a peek at the crowd while Accept was on and thought, "Ah, zis is goot!" Then they hit the stage and said, "Was fällt dir denn eigentlich ein? Vat happen to all ze peoplez?" (I write a German accent just as well as I speak actual German).

However, the thinned audience didn't thin the skin of the Kreator crew. Also, I must boast, that the thinning crowd didn't bother me once Kreator started considering I was right up front, nearly 20 feet from Mr. Petrozza!

A photo I took with my really, really crappy phone.
When they hit the stage, they went all-out. Pure, blistering, sweaty, loud as hell METAL! Ninety percent of the show you get a nice silhouette of the band members as Kreator seem to really like the combination of fog and backlights. Mille displays pure bad-assery when he does his "metal dramatic" scream-betweens - "The Kreator has RETURRRRRNED!"

Freakin' awesome. Period.

They hammered the audience with an arsenal of old and new favorites including Phantom Antichrist, Phobia, Hordes of Chaos, People of the Lie, Violent Revolution, and Pleasure to Kill.

By the end of the show, I was freakin' HYPED that I can finally check Kreator (and Accept!) off my "need-to-see" list. I was also hyped that I didn't wuss out and actually went to the show. I'd be kicking myself now if I didn't.


  1. I can't even imagine how awesome that concert must have been. I'm officially Jealous. I've been doing concerts since the mid 80's, and I think that only in the case of Metallica, Aerosmith and Megadeth, have I not seen the crowd thin out. I always thought the same thing.

    Faith no More, Soundgarden, and Voivod......A lot of people left before Voivod hit the stage. Dumbies......

    le coup de grace, The Game Hens, can't remember if cromlech played that night or not??? And then Power Mad hits the stage, and more than half of the people are gone???? What the what???

    I think I'm the only thrasher left in my neck of the woods. :(-----Jaason

  2. Yeah, if I spend money on a concert, and I'm there to see the opening band, I'll at LEAST stay for a few songs during the headliner's set to see if I dig 'em or not.


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