Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: The Law, Nuclear Devastation, and Seprevation

Most thrashers outside of Sweden know of the metal band THE LAW, they just don't know that they know.

Why I say such crazy things is because most fans of thrash metal have seen the stellar documentary GET THRASHED and have heard The Law's song Anthem played over the credits.

It is that song that led me to The Law, and since they kick all kinds of ass, I am bringing them to you here.

Their debut album Distorted Anthems from the Suburbs musically hit on many levels within the metal sub genres. Although their home base is grounded in thrash, one can hear groove, power, and traditional metal weaving throughout the album, taking the listener on a killer ride.

Vocalist Tobias Jansson is one hell of a proficient front man and his seemingly effortless delivery is freakin' impressive to say the least. While he is a blue-ribbon cog in the THE LAW machinery, the rest of the band is nothing to sneeze at. These guys eclipse most with catchy, hard-hitting metal.

Check out all the tunes below and then hit them up on good ol' Facebook.

A big thanks to Luuk Hoogland from the band Insufficient for tipping me off on the next band. For a "bunch of stupid kids making noise" NUCLEAR DEVASTATION does a damn good job at making that noise kick your ass hard!

These guys excel in cranking out short, distorted tunes of punk-fueled thrash. Their album Visions of Fear tear one new asshole after another in the rawest possible way with searing venomous ire.

Is there a ton of variety between each song? Not really. This is power chord hammering to the simplest degree, and there nothing wrong with that. However, when Nuclear Devastation affords themselves a little more time, like in the song Arise, they are able to expand with mid-section riffs that add some color to the madness.

Visions of Fear is a solid foundation for a group that consists of guys who are approximately 16-17 years-old. It's not always a young man's game in finding that harsh and furious line to propel this type of music, but I'm sure it helps. Thank God these guys can play their instruments well enough to harness that energy properly.

If you're interested, Nuclear Devastation have gracefully offered Vision of Fear up for free here.

Find them on Facebook here.

I freakin' love old-school death metal, so when I crossed digital paths with UK metallers SEPREVATION, I was hyped! From the tunes I've heard, these guys don't opt for the br00tal grind (which I also love), but instead keep their feet planted in speedy deathrash, with healthy doses of Sadus and old Death worship bleeding into the music. When they do take a breath from the speed, such as the mid-paced Cannibal Corpse-like stomp in the middle of the song Prophet of Death, it kicks the tune up to complete bad-ass levels of heavy.

Seprevation is fast, tight as hell, and death metal as f*ck. They are also cool enough to offer up two of their songs as FREE downloads. Check them out below and then hit them up on Facebook.

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  1. The first song is more thrash metal than a second,but i like it both! This is not a modern death/thrash metal,like Carnal Forge, Hatesphere,etc. It is played in old-school way! Great!!!


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