Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eradikator ROCKS!

Freakin' ERADIKATOR! Jamming out to this Birmingham thrash band is so much f*cking FUN that I am pissed I just recently discovered them. These guys know how to get the listener's head moving with a barrage of tightly executed riffs wrapped around some solid thrash metal song writing.

The catchy hooks and all-out energy Eradikator expels in their music brings to mind the clockwork hammering of Overkill's last two albums. Tracks such as Skeletal Steel and Overthrow display a ruthless aggression and tight-as-hell delivery that propels the killer drumming and rhythm playing to the foreground.

Eradikator's Odysseus is an instrumental that is absolutely stunning in its dynamics of blues-based emotion and hard-as-nails metal attack. It's epic. This track alone has more substance and backbone than most bands can garner in their entire careers. I've listened to Odysseus multiple times and I am continuously blown away by the mountainous array of feelings this song stirs in me. Truly, truly fantastic.

The bottom line is that Eradikator is a thrash band that should be turning the heads of thrash fans everywhere, and here's hoping that they go on to bigger and better places without changing a damn thing about what they do and who they are. Just…bad ass.

Listen and devour the available streaming songs below and then hit them up here.

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