Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Breakdown with Metreya and Evil Invaders

 I need to thank Cat H. for pointing me toward Australian metallers METREYA. Based on their one available song, I am now waiting impatiently to hear more, more, MOOOAR!!

With their self-titled tune, Metreya invoke the stomp of Anthrax with killer doses of Slayerisms and Testament. One can even hear slight touches of power thrash sewn into the audible fabric. I dug everything I heard, but it was the songs mid-section of stellar fast riff gallops and moshable rhythms that brought it all together.

A nice piece of ear-damaging brutality, one which I hope will be followed by equally kick-ass mass of bludgeoning thrash metal.

Check out the tune below and then hit Metreya up here.

Thanks again to Luuk Hoogland, who originally brought my attention to bands such as Brazil's Maniac Force, among others, has brought yet another gem to light.

Here we have the speed metal mania of EVIL INVADERS. These Belgium metal men excel in unreal riffage of insane acceleration, and foundation-shaking solos to give the droopy-eyed jaded metal fan a kick in the ass.

Vocalist Jöe Anus eats lightning and jets out sonic weapons of pure, thunderous METAL. My God, this stuff kicks ass!

Check out the tune Driving Fast below and then keep tabs on Evil Invaders here for updates on their new EP.


1 comment:

  1. Oh my God! METREYA sounds like a Conflagrator with there rifffs,but even more energy! Vocal is close to Araya's! I like this stuff!!!
    EVIL INVADERS is just one of the many speed-thrash bands,not so original like i want


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