Sunday, January 6, 2013

Global Thrash Assault Radio is here!

I've been giving the Global Thrash Assault blog a lot of props recently. Chad Arnold, the blog's head honcho, is one of the hardest working fans around, and the results are spectacular.

First, he maintains a killer blog, featuring many thrash bands both signed and unsigned. Second, he helped produce the Wreck Your Neck compilation album, also featuring a wide array of thrash and next-of-kin sub genres.

Now he's bestowed upon us the Global Thrash Assault Radio online station! It's non-freakin'-stop METAL, and since this station is an obvious extension of the blog, you can expect the best of well-known as well as obscure kick-ass thrash metal, both new and classic.

Bands that want to possibly get some love on the Global Thrash Assault Radio, contact 'em here.

Check it out and tell GTA how much you appreciate the thrash dedication by visiting here.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for spreading the word man, I really appreciate the support!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!


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