Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: Violentor - Rot

Italy's gutterpunk thrashers VIOLENTOR created a debut album that still holds a high spot on my music-listening rotation. The self-titled album's furious mix of distorted riffs and venomous vocals are both searingly intense and catchy as hell.

With their second album, Violentor hits the ground running with the title track ROT.  Right away you can feel that adrenaline kick in and be comforted that Violentor picks up right where they left us on their debut with a high-octane punk/thrash attack. Why change up the formula if it works so damn well?

Songs like and Free Spree and Daemonical Tutor are blistering pieces of work that bring to mind The Exploited type of riffage - except they take those riffs, push them down in a dirty ally, and kick them around until they are all bruised, bloodied, and full of grit and grime. In turn, those riffs do the same thing to the listener, like a twisted pay-it-forward scheme.

The song Breath of Hate offers a bit more to Violentor's arsenal with a rather slow and foreboding mid-section, offering a nice dynamic. The album closer The Last Sentence is a slow grinder, nearly balancing out the non-stop barrage of balls-out attitude emanating from the previous tracks.

Rot is an all-together mass of kick-ass insanity. I just love how Violentor can make ugly music a thing of beauty.

Listen to the full album below and if you're interested, pick up their CD from EBM Records here.

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