Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mexico's ARSONIST delivers punk thrash that ROCKS!

Mexico's ARSONIST cooks up a taste of some gritty, pissed, crusty punk metal.

Taking a page from the likes of Toxic Holocaust, Violentor, and even Scissorfight, Arsonist rips through with barbed riffs of pure distorted bliss, all catchy and dynamic as hell.

The bass sound on here is completely SICK, adding a strong dimension to the production. Songs such as Setting Fire use this sound to its advantage, offering a sonic nose-punch halfway through the song as the bass leads the guitar into a pit-instigating stomp.

From the turbo-charged opening to the song Muerto en Las Vias to the swampy riff-rock opening to Ambitions of Death, there is much to love on Arsonist's self-titled EP.

I'm seriously gonna play the hell outta this one.

The good news is that they are offering it up as a FREE download. Check this stuff out below and go tell Arsonist how much they kick ASS here.

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