Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Iron Reagan song "Cycle of Violence"!

The guys over at Invisible Oranges are lucky enough to premiere the new track from punk/metal madmen Iron Reagan!

The song, titled Cycle of Violence, comes off their upcoming album Worse Than Dead, due to drop on March 6th.

The song crushes with a mid-paced neck-breaking rhythm, while Foresta's familiar pipes are solid as ever. A satisfying taste of what's to come from the new album. Can't wait!…but I have to, so whatever.

Check out the tune below! Hit Iron Reagan up here!


  1. Wow! Awesome stuff. I never heard of them. Reminds me of Nuclear Assault at times. Great sound, on all fronts.....Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This and Untimely Demise's new one are high on my want/waiting list!!


    1. Yeah, this is great stuff. I'm hyped about hearing the full album!

      As far as Untimely Demise - were you the one who pointed them out to me? I can't remember when I first checked them out, but they are pretty damn good.

  2. I think so. But, I know you get a lot of heads up from all over. I heard samples of their new one, and it takes it up a notch.....

    Avenger of Blood has three songs for download on Bandcamp as well. A lot Darker and Deathier than previous. Goooood stuff.


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