Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: Reactory, Burning Nitrum, The Sequence of Prime, and Reflexor

Germany's REACTORY blast the listener with a gritty thrash sound that incorporates bits of Toxic Holocaust, Slayer, and Bolt Thrower. The music is noisy and painful, like vomiting sandpaper and claw hammers (…in a good way). The headbanging riffage stomps along with small left-field licks thrown in for color, and although the solos aren't anything to freak out about, the songs remain harsh and interesting.

Listen below and then hit these guys up here.

Bay Area, teutonic, and crossover sub genres are touched upon throughout BURNING NITRUM's Pyromania EP, delivering a pounding storm of killer riffs. At times the songs feel a little loose and raw, but they still kick ass nonetheless. Tracks such as Death is Upon You offer up a perfect balance of crazed speedy abandon and solid headbanging thrash. From what I read, the members of Burning Nitrum were all around the age of 18 when they recorded Pyromania, making this debut EP all the more impressive. Again, although the tunes could be tightened up a bit in the studio, the songs still feature parts of stunning maturity and killer songwriting. Burning Nitrum can only get better from here.

Listen below and go meet 'em on Facebook.

To break from the norm, let me introduce you to Brandon Duncan, a one-man show with his multi-genre-colored metal project titled THE SEQUENCE OF PRIME. Holy crap! The listener is sonically assaulted with a wall of sound comprised of industrial-tinged thrash and grind, sweeping everything into a vortex of chaos and aggression. The unwary may wonder just what in the hell Duncan is doing, but once one emerges within The Sequence of Prime's music and views the canvas from within the insanity, an appreciation builds for the complex arrangements and raw passion of creation.

Breaking well away from the verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus variety, this music is not for a playlist on a casual Sunday drive. No, this music is surgery without anesthesia. It's scary and agonizing, but good for you in the end.

Check out the tunes below, and if this is something that settles well with your palate, you can name your price (even free) to download TSoP's available albums here. Check 'em out on Facebook here.

Heading back to Germany, we have REFLEXOR, a band I pimped on my Facebook page a while back. These thrashers have recorded one of the most satisfying EPs I've heard in a while. The EP, titled Revenge of the Mycosis, is full of teutonic thrash metal that may not be reinventing the abacus, but the songs are solid and furious. The tunes benefit from plenty of thought into the arrangements and dynamics to offer up the ass-kicking all thrash fans want in their listening experience.

Great riffs, harsh vocals, and nicely laid-out solos make Reflexor's Revenge of the Mycosis a great find. The bonus is they are offering it up as a FREE download!

Go get it here. Afterward, thank them here.

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