Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paper Trail ROCKS!

Let me sneak in a quick post here about a tune I found from Virginia Beach metal/hardcore band PAPER TRAIL.

This song, titled Web of Lies, is a ridiculously bad-ass mix of hardcore, thrash, and groove-based death metal. With sludgy, grinding riffs and headbangable dynamics straight off a classic Pro-Pain album, Paper Trail's Web of Lies is a swiftly-expressed display of raw muscle.

After jamming the song a few times, I clicked on their Bandcamp page where I found their 2011 album Raw War available as a free download! This album is way more hardcore in its musical delivery, at times following the fast-to-mid-tempo dynamics and breakdown templates (over)used by their more popular predecessors of the 90s/00s. Raw War is still mean as hell and those with a taste for hardcore are more than fortunate for Paper Trail to offer this up to them for free.

That being said, after hearing the new song Web of Lies (to be included on their upcoming EP What About the Wicked?), I am absolutely freaking hyped about hearing what Paper Trail will come up with on their next full-length album. THIS song breaks them out of becoming another dime-a-dozen Hatebreed clone by successfully incorporating other influences into the mix. Yes, it's a short song, but it speaks volumes about where this Paper Trail could be heading.

Check it out below. Interested parties can download their Raw War album here. Afterward, hit them up on Facebook.


This post had to be corrected. I previously posted a few errors, misnaming song titles, and coming off as an all-around ninny. That's what I get for posting at 3am.

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