Friday, June 15, 2012

Interview: Tantara - Getting "Based on Evil" released

It has been nearly one year since I published my interview with the mighty TANTARA. In that interview, we spoke about the recording process of their upcoming album Based on Evil. The guys also expressed their excitement in working with legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen as well as the possibilities of landing a record contract.

Soon after, Tantara landed that contract with Ultimhate Records, getting the wheels in motion to release Based on Evil this past March. However when the release date came and went, the album remained in limbo, surprising both the band and its fans who all sat empty-handed and, well…angry!

Sure, release dates change all the time, but it seemed that no one had any answers, and after a nasty falling out, Tantara parted ways with Ultimhate.

The band eventually signed on with Indie Recordings. The label will release a 7-inch single of the album's title track on June 29th, following with the album release on August 24th.

As with my first interview with Tantara, the members (Fredrik, Per, Stian, and Max) prefer to answer questions as a band, enveloping the thoughts and concerns for Tantara as a whole. So when I ask a question, Tantara answers.

In this interview, Tantara discusses their fallout with Ultimhate, their hook-up with Indie, and their preparations in finally getting Based on Evil out to the public.

The Ultimhate label was originally going to release the album this past March. You guys seemed just as surprised as the fans that the album was not out. Is that assessment correct?

Yes. The label fucked up really bad. Not just with us, but with a lot of other bands too. Ultimhate Records is a shitty label, and a huge disgrace to the record and music industry. They don't keep their promises when it comes to promo, and they even lie about their distributors. Getting an answer via email only once or  twice a month doesn't cut it either. If you look at their silly website, they haven't even taken down our album as a feature there (it was still featured there as of this writing - ed.). They even spelled the title wrong (Made of Evil). So to all the unsigned bands out there: NEVER sign a deal with UH, because they and their boss Olivier is just full of shit. Luckily we got out of the shit.

You have had a few choice words to say about Ultimhate. Fans can only assume what is behind those statements. Are you able to speak about what went down between Tantara and Ultimhate? Why would they drop the ball on such a killer thrash album?

As mentioned, they didn't keep their promises and what was stated in the contract. It's not that they didn't want our album, the problem was that they didn't seem to know how to release an album or even how to run a label. We were furious when we couldn't find ANY info or promo about our album at the release day.

Now Indie Recordings is going to release Based on Evil. What finally led you to Indie Recordings? What makes them the best home for Tantara?

Indie Recordings is a terrific label. They actually got in touch with us in January when we already had signed with UH, so we had to say no, but luckily they wanted to sign us when we got back in touch with them late March due to UH's total fuck up.

We have plenty of meetings, both at their office and at our gigs, and they are really supportive and constructive. The fact that they even wanted to release a 7" vinyl single says how professional and cool they are. We are looking forward to stay with IR for many years and it's gonna be a great run!

You just recently began streaming the title track to your upcoming album Based on Evil. How have the fans reacted so far?

The fans seem to like it. It's definitely not a "radio friendly" mainstream song, but we thought it was appropriate to release it as a single due to it's brutality.

You're label is releasing Based on Evil as a 7-inch single with the song Court Injustice on June 29th. Why did you or your label decide to do this? What other preparations need to be completed before the full-length is released?

Preparations? Promo for sure. You can't just put an album out on the market, as it is a huge process in front. So that's why they wanted us to release a single, both for the fans, and of course for promotional reasons.

Fans seem really impatient about the release of Based on Evil. That has to feel good that your album holds such strong anticipation.

Yeah, it definitely feels good to have such an anticipated album just waiting to be released. We won't disappoint them! The album is out August 24th!

Do you have any idea if the physical CD copy will be made available worldwide?

It will be available in stores all over Europe, but our North and South American friends will need to buy it from online stores for now, if they want the physical copy. And of course, the album will be on iTunes as well

Now that you are under a new label, have there been new talks about touring support for Based on Evil?

Yes, we have a Scandinavian tour coming up in October, and maybe a bigger European tour coming up later this year, but nothing is settled yet.

Thank you for your answers! Any final words?

You're welcome. BUY THE ALBUM and come to our shows god dammit!


  1. Well, this was a great interview man! Good to know a little of the story behind why this wasn't released when I originally thought. Talk about a major disaapointment for me.....I'm sure for Tantara it was 10 fold.

    I am glad that they found a home on Indie.....Seems like that will be a great fit. I still listen to Their Disposable Hero's cover at least a couple times a month, it is absolutely mind blowing.....This is one thrash band that is top freakin notch!

    Glad I'll be able to access it through itunes......

  2. Great interview, keep on rocking guys!


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